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Allow same-sex couples in SCA Crown Tourneys

The Society for Creative Anachronism is an organization which recreates the Middle Ages "as it should have been." Despite commitment to gender and racial equality for its members, The Society for Creative Anachronism bans same-gender couples from entering its most important tournaments--the tournaments to select kingdom rulers.

It has been argued that the rule banning same-sex couples from Royal Lists does not constitute discrimination because LGBTQ fighters are not banned from entering the tourney. However, such fighters may only enter as long as they enter with and fight for an "inspiration" of the opposite gender.

This petition holds that such a rule does, in fact, constitute discrimination because the tourney can ONLY be entered as a couple, and same-sex COUPLES are not permitted. Further, because same-sex couples cannot enter the tourney, those couples are denied access to the most important leadership roles in the SCA--ruling over kingdoms.

This petition submits that such a ban is not only a violation of the civil rights of LGBTQ SCA members, it is anathema to the core values of the SCA which is dedicated to re-creating the past "as it should have been"--a better version of an idealized time without warfare, religious intolerance, and plague.

A rule which systematically discriminates against a class of people is not a better version of the past. It is not "the Middle Ages as they should have been." We therefore ask the board to change the governing documents of the SCA so that same sex-couples may enter Crown Tournaments in all Kingdoms.

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