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Allow Ron Paul to be put up for nomination (and speak) during the RNC

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First of all, Ron Paul has received a plurality in at least five states: Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Louisiana, and Iowa. One could even include Colorado amongst those numbers as nearly all of the delegates from Colorado are in support of Ron Paul. Other cases can be made for other states that have shown their support for Ron Paul with regards to the delegates that are in support of him. The first fact alone, though, makes Ron Paul eligible for nomination as one of the nominees of the Republican Party.

The thing about the whole nomination process is that the Republican Party (at the national and state-levels) has disenfranchised not only Ron Paul through the whole primary process, but also all of those that support Ron Paul whether they are delegates or not. This can even be applied (this disenfranchisement) of anyone that wanted (or wants) to vote for someone other than Romney as the Republican candidate to go against Obama in November’s elections.

I have been registered as a Republican since I first became eligible to vote 10 years ago. If the Republican Party continues down the current path (i.e., to disregard their own rules for the nomination process as well as continue to alienate those that simply show support for Ron Paul), it is becoming more and more difficult to see me continue to be associated with the Grand Old Party.

My hope is that the Republican Party/RNC (despite the actions that have be dealt so far during the past year) will honor their own rules and give Ron Paul not only a speaking role at the Republican National Convention but also put him up for nomination during said convention on August 27th.

Much regards.

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