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Allow Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets in Little Rock, WITHOUT the restrictions of Livestock.


Little Rock has 2 conflicting city ordinances. I am the owner of an 11-month old pot bellied pig. I thought I did the responsible thing by checking the city ordinance before I got him. I saw where he was allowed and proceeded. Now, because of a rude neighbor next door to the house I bought 3 months ago who called to complain that there was a PIG living next door to him, Animal Control is citing a different ordinance that doesn't allow livestock within 300 feet of the nearest residence.

I had to hire a lawyer for my pig because I believe the city is WRONG for having inconsistent ordinances. He is a strictly indoor pet. He is neutered, well-behaved, walks on a leash, sits on command - he is no different than a short, fat dog & I love him just as I do my dogs.  He is a PET; he is NOT Livestock!

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