Pets on Eurostar!!!!

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Please sign this petition to urge Mr Mike Cooper, Chief Executive of Eurostar to change the Eurostar policy and allow customers to take dogs on Eurostar trains.

Eurostar have admitted that their ban on dogs is a matter of internal policy - they need to change that policy and come into line with all other major forms of public transport.

It's simple - if you can take a dog on a plane, or on Eurotunnel, or on a ferry then why on earth can you not take a dog on a Eurostar train?  There is absolutely no valid reason why dogs cannot go on trains in the tunnel.

At the moment, if you want to go on holiday from the UK with your pet you have to take a car and travel by either ferry or Eurotunnel to Calais, then drive - the cost of putting a dog on a plane is way too expensive for most people. Think about it – if you can take a dog on a train either side of the Channel Tunnel but not on Eurostar why can you not take it on a Eurostar train? It is ridiculous!  Obviously guide dogs cannot be prohibited as this would be unlawful but this should be extended to all customers.

The current ban on dogs causes real problems for dog owners  –:

  • If you're not a driver you're stuck;
  • You can’t go on holiday to a major city like Paris because you'd have to drive and parking is impossible;
  • You can’t go further afield unless you are able and willing to drive long distances;
  • You can’t pop over to Europe for a short break;
  • You can't take your dog out of the UK without major planning.
  • This is totally unfair and unnecessary.

 Think of the advantages of allowing dogs on Eurostar –:

  • Eurostar would make additional profits because obviously they would charge for dogs;
  • Residents in the UK would be able to take dogs to Europe;
  • You could take a train e.g. from London to Paris or Nice as a foot passenger …