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Allow Pet Food Purchases With State Food Aid Programs Or Create Grants To Fund Local Charities

The current Government Supplimental Nutriton Program (SNAP) does not allow pet food to be purchased and such an option is needed with an alarming rate of Animals that are being abandoned and brought to shelters.

This has now created a chain reaction of food shortages and maximum capacity limits being reached in shelters through out the United States. Animals in kill shelters are now being put to death at an even faster rate which is giving them No chance for rescue, adoption and survival.

As the cost of living continues to increase and income from disabled, retired and working citizens stay the same, the welfare of our unconditional loving friends is in danger and they desperatly need your help. In addition, Service and Companion animals that are required for the well being of a individual are just as much at risk.

Tell Congress today to pass a bill that will allow pet food purchases under SNAP or to create a Pet Food Asistance Program which will fund local charities to create such a program.


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