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Allow parents to seek justice for their children's wrongful deaths.

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Every year about this time my heart breaks. Next month will be the 11th anniversary of my son’s untimely death due to a doctor’s negligence. Even though it’s been more than a decade since he was taken away from me, the pain is still as fresh as ever.

I'm one of the thousands of Florida residents who has experienced losing a loved one due to hospital mistakes or negligence. My 38-year-old son died because the hospital gave him five different medications that depressed his respiratory system. He had to be resuscitated and put on life support. He was in a coma from that point on, and I sat by his beside him day after day for a month until I finally made the decision to have the life support removed.

I naively thought I could sue the hospital and doctor for negligence, but I was wrong. My son was a single man with no children, and according to Florida law, the parent of a single adult (over the age of 25) does not have the right to sue.

Please help me change Florida’s Wrongful Death Act to give parents of single adults the right to fight for their loved ones after they have gone, and ensure the wrongdoers’ negligence won't happen again.

I know I can never get him back, but part of this pain is the fact that I wasn’t even able to fight to get him justice for what his doctor did to him. Florida’s Wrongful Death Act (WDA) limits the ability to seek meaningful damages to only certain types of relatives and even though I am his mother, and he is my own flesh and blood, the WDA does not allow me to sue on his behalf.

For me it is not about the money. The statute of limitations has long passed on my son’s case, and I know no amount of money will bring him back. But I want to change this law for those who come after me. Florida’s law creates arbitrary lines that put a higher value on certain types of relationships, stopping parents of single adults like me, from being their child’s advocate in the case of a wrongful death.

Florida’s WDA is meant to control excessive lawsuits, but seeking justice and fighting to make sure negligence doesn’t happen again is not excessive, it’s the right thing to do. Please join me in asking Florida to change the WDA and allow for parents of single adults to seek justice for those they lost.

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