Allow Marijuana Home Delivery in Denver

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Denver city officials are considering whether to allow home delivery of marijuana products. The state has already created a permitting system for cannabis delivery, so all the city has to do is opt in. Once it does, licensed dispensaries can begin delivering to medical patients right away.

Please sign our petition calling on Denver's mayor and city council to move quickly and allow medical marijuana patients to receive home deliveries from the licensed dispensary of their choice.

Delivery is a safe way for consumers to access essential cannabis products when they cannot or do not want to leave their homes, which is more important now than ever before. In addition to promoting social distancing, it would provide a lifeline to the many patients who are at heightened risk due to weakened immune systems or other preexisting conditions.

Out of all the essential retail services deemed critical and essential by our state, cannabis is the only one that cannot currently be delivered to people's homes in Denver. It's time for city officials to take action and allow medical cannabis deliveries to the patients who need it.