Allow Malaysian School Boys to Grow Long Hair

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  Dear YAB Muhyiddin Yassin,

I write to you on behalf of Malaysian Secondary School students. We are also the Rakyat.

For so many years, schoolboys could not have long hair, defined as hair that falls below the earlobes at the back, covers more than half of the forehead or covers both ears fully or partly. A schoolboy is also deemed to have long hair if his sideburns reach beyond the halfway mark of his nose or his hair is longer than 15cm. This rule has no practical use and has no use in the 21st century. Students can easily stop hair lice by using shampoo or other toiletries.

The fact that boys are not allowed to have long hair while girls are is gender discrimination. The rules should be scrapped. The Ministry of Education should instead focus on improving the educational environment for students instead of enforcing trivial, outdated and unuseful rules.

Students (or their parents) should be allowed to choose if they wish to have short hair instead of being forced to by schools. This would also save money for poor families who can't afford the hassle of sending their children to get haircuts. 

The prohibition of hair gel in some stricter school is also of concern. The fact that some students can be caned because of their hairstyle is a violation of their human rights. Many of other punishments for schoolboys caught with long hair are also quite draconian.

Sadly, this is an issue that is not picked up on by much of the press, even though most students are discontent with these outdated rules. We hope you will consider changing these rules to allow students to keep long hair. 

We - the Students of Malaysia, the future of Malaysia - urge you to give more thoughts to the complaints by the Rakyat.