Allow Kidney Donor Transplantation Out Of Blood Relation In Pakistan

Allow Kidney Donor Transplantation Out Of Blood Relation In Pakistan

10 April 2022
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Health Ministers Of Pakistan (MR. Faisal Sultan) (SPS to Minister)
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Started by Syed Faraz Uddin


Hi everyone.


My name is Syed Faraz Uddin, I'm 32 years, I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. I'm differently-abled by birth & for the past 5 years I've been struggling & dealing with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage-5 ESRD and on Renal Replacement Therapy (Dialysis) twice every week.

Being differently-abled which I'm proud to be. I have my both hands/feets (deformed) but it doesn’t ever stop me. Despite being treated like a "Special Child" my entire life, my family always behaved as if I was a normal being like my two brothers. Great credit goes to my parents for making me who I am today.

Moreover, I completed my schooling like a normal child, reached college, And finally, I went to University for my graduation where I was enrolled at University of Karachi, in Media Sciences, class of 2018. During my last semester, I even worked at a hectic call center job, supporting myself. Unfortunately, I got severely sick around this time. I found really bad news in my blood reports. The kind of treatment I never imagined what happened next was unexpected for me. Life changed in just a few days. At first I was just sick but soon I was admitted into a hospital. It was a sudden renal failure, also called kidney failure! Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 (End-Stage Renal Disease). The doctor told me that I would be needing dialysis right away. However, It's been almost 5 years now. I've been getting a life-saving treatment or a Renal Replacement Therapy i.e dialysis, twice a week for 3 hours.


I even went through a work up process for transplantation, but it didn't work out because my donor had kidney stones in one of her kidney. The donor was none other but my mother, and she was the only match in the family. There were no other match for me in my family. Since in the country like Pakistan, it's not allowed here to have LIVING donor for kidney transplant outside the blood relation but as compared to the rest of the world where a strange person can be a LIVING donor to donate the precious organ of them to save one life who's been dealing it with alot misery. Which is the main agenda of my petition here at

People like me who relying on dialysis as a  community i propose and demand to take the legislative measures in the healthcare system of Pakistan, the responsible individuals who are responsible to hold the law to make the donor availability easy and without any hurdles and allow living donor out side the blood relation or any stranger who wants to be a LIVING donor so that more people doesn't have to wait years for their donor till their bodies can't stay stranded with them because of the post dialysis complications are the most real life threat than anything else. I can tell it with my own experience. 


The impact on my life having this difficult disease left me jobless. I couldn't work anymore because of the irregularity in my health and how much time I would need to be in the hospital. The treatment requires a lot of money for me to live a quality life. I keep running out of money because of the reason I cannot work. There are plenty of vital medicines, treatments, regular monthly labs to get done with, multivitamins and others which I need to take regularly and cannot miss a single dose of, but it certainly needs a monthly budget to cover it. Since this is a life-long treatment, any donations will help me greatly because the cumulative cost is very high. I hold up everyday in ways that no one can imagine. It takes so much to be living such a vulnerable life. And it is mine and the whole ckd community of Pakistan has a right to be healthy and live a happy life. Please help me out. It is difficult to ask for help because I have always been strong and supported myself until now.

Hopefully my story will appeal you and this platform can help me get my voice heard to the masses and this petition can be a big help to the community and families who are waiting till their lives to get a kidney transplantation done. Hoping this helps me and thousands of other people to having illness free life and can support their families again on our own insha'ALLAH


Kindly Sign this petition and share as much as you can because bringing the change through the can make a difference in our lives. �

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Signatures: 50Next Goal: 100
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