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James Tate is one among many seniors that has a chance at a once in a life time chance... his prom. Most teenagers out there would rather stay at home or sit on the sidelines waiting for a date to come through or someone to ask for a dance while James did the only orignal thing any young man can do. He stepped up and asked a highschool girl to attend with him, but he did not only ask, he showed spark and stepped up to show it before the entire school. Sure the rest of us would get in HUGE trouble just as his headmaster is doing for him but let the kid have a chance. He is one that is choosing to go to the only big thing (besides highschool football) that other teens would have never gotten. I say let him do some good out at the school. Place the poor guy on trash duty or cleaning up trays in the lunchroom. Either way he will still be punished.


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Letter to
Shelton High School Headmaster Beth Smith
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this petition to express my opinions and the opinions of the high school teens, parents, strangers, and any other that has an opinion to state upon this matter.
First off, Shelton High School preaches to the following that is listed under Headmaster upon the school's home page:

Shelton High School is committed to preparing our students to be knowledgeable, responsible, and productive members of an ever-changing and complex global society. In pursuit of this objective, Shelton High School recognizes and respects the cultural, social, and economic diversity of the student body. We provide an educational environment that supports each student in the achievement of his or her goals.

If this is not a showing of being productive, social, or economic diversity then you are failing at what you believe, teach, and should support for the fellow students and the upcoming for the next generation.
Yes, James Tate may have been in the wrong for walking out of his house at night, going to the school with friends, and taping up letters to ask a fellow student tot he prom but there is no reason to make him miss the single most important step of a teens high school life by crushing his dreams and this social life.
There are other options to show that you are still in charge and to teach the youth that had done this a lesson. The other options include: Community Service, special school duties, detention, janitorial services, and many other options. Now I ask, please allow James Tate another punishment that would still allow him to attend the prom but is still as strict. I am sure your dreams would be crushed if the school did this to you as a little girl.

Thank you,
Angelica Tanner
19-Year old girl that never got to attend her prom.


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