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Allow iOS developers to to upload apps to a web server for public beta installation via an Apple Enterprise account/certificate.

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Some indie Apple/iOS developers want to be able to "Upload" their iOS applications to the World Wide Web. We would like to do this via an Enterprise certificate obtained from an Apple Enterprise account. The problem being Apple, inc. does not allow this, so they therefore revoke the Apple Enterprise certificate. We would like this to discontinue. We think it is wrong for Apple, inc. to restrict developers from "Uploading" their application to the World Wide Web for In-House beta distribution to beta testers and iOS users. We also believe this is a violation of our rights. And can be taken to court. Another reason Apple, inc. should allow this is because it is just simply safer than jailbreaking. You would think apple would love us "non jailbreakers" because we are helping steer people away from jailbreaking by creating non jailbroken applications. Seriously apple, in a way, we are actually helping. 

But, Apple wont wake up and face realty. 


Lets hope this can be resolved, We know it can. Apple is better than this.


From: Colton

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