Allow for properly managed, socially distanced outdoor Live Entertainment Events in Canada

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Live Entertainers and Audiences Unite to Save the Live Entertainment Industry!

It's time to tell your politicians that the Live Entertainment community should be allowed to congregate at a properly managed & socially distanced outdoor event.

If churches are allowed to congregate, then so should those who hold Live Entertainment as their church!  It makes me happy, fills my soul, and gives me hope and faith in a better world. 

Sign this petition if you believe in the power of Live Entertainment and visit to see how Live Entertainment can be properly managed and socially distanced and brought to your community.  They did it to open the popular beaches in Spain, and we can do it here!  We only have a few months of the summer to enjoy the advantage that outdoor event areas have to maintain social distancing so you have to act now!

Enjoying theatre in the park and dancing to music outdoors is a Canadian summer tradition!  Let's keep it alive to help us all survive this pandemic.

This petition is going to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all 13 Premiers in Canada to show them that the Live Entertainment industry is serious about keeping our industry alive!

Please share it with everyone you know that supports Live Entertainment and with your local politicians.

You say you want a revolution?...

Live Your Life Live !

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