Allow Fiction MA-Rating On FanFiction.Net

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Dear Members,

To put it simply, FFN users (mostly adults) would be grateful if FFN would flat out allow the Fiction MA Rating to be featured on its sites. FFN's motto is "unleash your imagination and free your soul" yet MA-rated fiction is not allowed on the websites. Even worse, the M-rated fiction is frequently removed when it depicts mild themes that are violent or adult in nature.

Either way, most have witnessed stories and user accounts get mass deleted in recent years. Sometimes this act simply must be done, yet many authors lacked the chance to modify their stories before such occurrences. It has caused what FFN users have dubbed 'The Purge". Our communities, our forums, our stories, and our fellow users will continue to risk a staggering loss until FFN permits the Fiction MA rating on its sites.

I sincerely believe the admins and users of FFN make up a wonderful community. One with enough respect to create a compromise to allow the Fiction MA rating. The FFN App already features a content warning for the Fiction M rating and that can easily extend to the Fiction MA rating, in app and on site. If a better measure is needed, a simple pop-up or prompt page asking all users to supply their date of birth would suffice.

We can all agree that the existence of FFN is thanks to its administrators, yet its full merit is thanks to all its users. So please spread the word in regards to this petition's existence to help us obtain victory for the sake of all FFN members! Please sign this petition!

A Fellow FFN Member!