Allow Dorset Council powers to limit tourists and protect our local NHS from a second wave

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Due to our resolve in staying home during the covid 19 crisis, we as a county have faired slightly better, than the rest of the country during the pandemic.

Dorset County Council's message has been clear, that they do not condone travel from the rest of the country for holidays, no matter how short. Why as a small county would we waste what we have achieved, by allowing people to come and potentially spread the virus and overwhelm our NHS locally.

By giving Dorset Council local powers to turn people away, we can limit the influx of tourists. Especially when hospitality businesses are not going to see any turnover, due to being closed until further notice. This is a slight change in approach to how this petition started, but the residents of Lulworth and Wool, feel that if the car parks were to now close, the carnage that would ensue, would be worse. With this new approach, the entire county could benefit and not just the villages.