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Allow dogs from Romania to be adopted in Norway! Stop putting them to sleep just because they are from Romania !

Romania has many strays ! Their life is very bad...And this is not the animals' fault!!! People here try to help them, by spaying/neutering animals  with the help of great people from other countries,  but the number of the dogs is very high... Many wonderful people from your country  wants to help these dogs by adopting them... They give them a change to a good life... Dogs doesn't live forever...their life is short... We ask you to reconsider the way you treat the dogs from Romania adopted by Norwegian people! Please heelp this innocent souls born in Romania  by accepting them in your country.

Letter to
The Office of the Prime Minister of Norway Norway Prime Minister, Mr.Jens Stoltenberg
Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest H.E. Ambassador Øystein Hovdkinn
Romania, a country where animals are, most of the time, very bad treated... The dogs (abandoned after 1989 in the street by people who left their homes) are now more than 10,000 just in the capital of the country... Most of people doesn't like them , even if humans are to blame for dogs being in the streets. Few animal lovers from Romania, helped by wonderful friends from many countries, including Norway, try to help these inocent souls to have a better life... Many animal lovers from Norway adopted strays from Romania and gave them a happy life in your country! Started from a so called "problem", the dogs from Romania are stop to enter Norway even the papers are in order!!! The adopters waits for them many weeks or months and when the dogs arrives in your country are not allow to go to adopters! This is not normal for a European country... the dogs are not "things" , they are souls...they have feelings, they need love and people to care for them! Why to put them in a shelter and send them back to the horrible life they have in Romania (or worse...put them to sleep) ? Please reconsider the way your country's authorities react when a stray dog from Romania is adopted in Norway! Allow stray dogs from Romania to be adopted in Norway!



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