Allow Cecil back in Safeway

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Number One! Cecil is NOT a stray, he just likes loitering at Safeway.

Cecil the Safeway cat has been visiting the Safeway store in Portland, Oregon for 7 years and management never had a problem until now, they want him gone!

Currently Cecil is banned from the Safeway store, Cecil is very friendly, very loving and personable to customers and staff.

Cecil usually resides the the foyer of the store, but has been known to hang around the mart carts and rarely an asile or two, but never near prepared foods!

Most customers say they end up buying extra treats for their own cats at Safeway, just so they can throw a couple Cecil's way as they leave the store, which in turn the store benefits by selling more cat treats than usual.

Customers love Cecil, they shop at that Safeway just to see him, he's a local celebrity!

Cecil has done no harm, in fact he has created revenue where there wasn't before, we the petitioners demand Safeway rescind it's ban on Cecil and allow him to peacefully loiter in the store as he deems (within reason of course), we the petitioners demand Safeway act accordingly within it's customers wishes to keep Cecil on premises.

Just check out Cecil's supporters all over the globe on his facebook page.


Portland residents, please leave your comments if you have experienced Cecil in person, all positive comments are welcomed, but Portland residents count doubly!

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