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7 nude photos of Korean American K-Pop singer Ailee, have surfaced on the Internet, which may it may not have been taken while she was under the age of 18.

Pre-debut Ailee had taken the nude photos of herself for an audition for a lingerie company. The lingerie company asked her to take nude photos of herself, so they could fully assess her body and determine whether or not she would be a good model for them. After sending the photos to the company, said company subsequently cut off all contact with her. Ailee contacted the police but due to lack of evidence, the scammers were never found not persecuted. It was reveled that many other girls were scammed in the same way as Ailee as well.

In the midst of the situation, Ailee confided in ex-boyfriend Daniel Eundeuk Lee about the situation. Daniel convinced her to send him the photos in order for him to get a better idea on the issue.

Fast forward to July 19th, 2013, and Dispatch has revealed a conversation that the had with ex boyfriend Daniel Eundeuk Lee, whichever went as follows:

" Ex: I have a few of Ailee's pictures. I'm wondering if you're interested.

Dispatch: What kind of pictures?

Ex: She's completely naked. Not wearing anything, front and back...

Dispatch: What's the source?

Ex: I received them directly from Ailee.

Dispatch: Ailee gave them to you? Why?

Ex: I was her ex-boyfriend.

Dispatch: Did you receive her nudes through messenger?

Ex: Yes.

Dispatch: And you want to reveal that?

Ex: That's the goal.

Dispatch: Selling pictures you personally received can get you into trouble. You shouldn't be offering them to the media.

Ex: Ah, I see. I guess you're different from the other media outlets. I'll contact elsewhere.

Dispatch: What's important here is that what you're doing is dangerous.

Ex: It's not illegal

Dispatch: It is illegal. It's her private life so she can sue you. And any media outlet who buys those pictures from you is wrong. We suggest you don't follow through with it.

Ex: I understand

See full article detailing the phone conversation here:

Fast forward to September 11th, 2013 and an anonymous user of a forum on this website, leaked the nude photos of Ailee.

Fast forward two months to November 11th, 2013, and Allkpop breaks the scandal to the world.

So why am I asking that we boycott Allkpop? It's their job to report on such scandals right?

Correct; however their job is to report on scandals NOT create them. And that's what they did here. To satisfy their greed, they betrayed Ailee (whom had promoted Allkpop in the past) and started this scandal.

The ex-boyfriend who had tried to sell the photos to Dispatch, Daniel Eundeuk Lee, is Vice President of Media Content for Allkpop.

Daniel Eundeuk Lee is responsible for the scandal. He wrote the breaking article, and he is the one who leaked the photos in the first place. This scumbag betrayed his ex-girlfriend and used her to make a quick buck.

Ailee's entertainment agency has since released a statement about the scandal stating: YMC Entertainment's full official statement:

We are YMC Entertainment.

This statement is in regards to Ailee's pre-debut photo that is currently in controversy.

We apologize for the delay and it was due to our efforts to release a statement that was as accurate as possible.

The photo in question was taken when Ailee was living in America. She had received a casting offer to model for a famous American underwear line and had taken the photo for camera-testing purposes. Some of the photos released by the anonymous website has not yet been fully verified and we are still in the process of investigation.

Ailee took the leaked photo after being told that a nude photo would be necessary to precisely determine her figure. She took it with the understanding that her personal privacy would be protected, since it was for testing purposes for a famous underwear line.

However, after the camera-testing session the party that had brought the offer ceased communications, and after much worry Ailee filed a police complaint.

The police investigations revealed that Ailee had been victimized by a fraud-group that targeted college women and that while there were many other victims such as Ailee, due to the group's devious online methods the perpetrators eluded arrest.

After filing the police complaint and filled with worry and anxiety, Ailee confided in her ex-boyfriend and current ALL KPOP employee for his advice. During the consultation the ex-boyfriend convinced her that he needed the picture to accurately evaluate her situation.

All of the above is true and describes everything about the leaked photo incident.

Against the party who circulated the photo, we will pursue determined litigation for illegal circulation and invasion of personal privacy.

We will also do everything in our power to ensure that Ailee will not suffer any more due to this controversy.

While she had made a mistake at an immature age, it was not due to misguided intent or action, and as someone who needs to live on as a woman before she is a singer, this incident is especially painful for Ailee and her family.

The photo incident had been a shocking and hurtful memory for Ailee.

Ailee had tried to forget the painful memory and had been heading towards her dream, and we are worried that this reminder might cause an even deeper psychological wound.

We ask for your understanding encouragement and comfort of Ailee so that she may continue her activities without suffering further pain.

With YMC Entertainment preparing to take legal action, I encourage fans to take action of their own against the disgusting, immoral company that is Allkpop. This scandal isn't the only show of immorality, greed, and despicable behavior that Allkpop has displayed.

Back in 2010, leader of Epik high bashed Allkpop for illegally leaking and streaming his music (see all the messages here:

Allkpop profited at Epik High's expense.

Another example of Allkpop's deplorable behavior occurred back on June 18th, 2013 when Daniel Eundeuk Lee and CEO of Allkpop (and known immature, ungrateful, scumbag, pitiful excuse for a human being) Johnny Noh bashed an employee of Netizen Buzz whom is a former Allkpop employee (what's worse, said former employee defended Allkpop on a live stream and she was still bashed by her former employers). Full article here:

In that's not enough to convince you that Allkpop is trash, then please go to the website It reveals the skeletons in Allkpop's closet. For the newer fans in Allkpop, back in Allkpop's earliest days, Allkpop was vulgar, racist, homophobic, sexist, and inappropriate calling many boy bands gay and labeling groups like SNSD as rice makers and objects of sexual gratification. Allkpop is trash. Johnny Noh is trash. Daniel Eundeuk Lee is trash. Please don't give these terrible people anymore money. Do not support them anymore. Fellow Korean American K-Pop artist Jay Park, unfollowed Allkpop on Twitter after this scandal. Let's follow suit! Unfollow them on Twitter, Unlike them on Facebook and never go to their site again. Let's show Ailee our support and take a stand against Allkpop!

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This petition had 1,322 supporters