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Update Wattpad's 'reading lists' for better user privacy

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We request that Wattpad add a feature that allows either the library of users to be organised into sections (perhaps, "shelves"?) or for reading lists to be privated. The former would be more user-friendly than the latter, however the latter is probably far easier to implement. Many people have requested this feature be made available however, Wattpad chooses to ignore these requests with no explanation.

The reason so many people want this feature to be added is quite simple: privacy. To provide further explanation, some people don't like everyone knowing they have seventeen different obscure Harry Potter fanfictions in their library. However, those same people also don't want to have to search through their entire library when they want to read a Harry Potter fic. Yes, they could just search "Harry Potter" but most authors don't put "Harry Potter" in the title of their works, meaning the search engine won't come up with most of the relevant works.

There are several ways these problems could be solved, all of which I could think of I have listed below:

  • Allowing personal tags to be added to books, so if you search that tag in your library it comes up (personal tags would work in such a way that if i add a work to my library, I could tag it as "Harry Potter" and when I searched that term it would come up, however this would affect no other users' tags on the book or the original/'official' tags of the book)
  • Allowing reading lists to be privated
  • Creating a separate feature which allows you to separate your library into "shelves" (it would be handy to allow this feature to be turned on and off easily)
  • Allowing a fifth "sort library by..." option that allows users to simply drag the books into the order they want (this isn't a complete substitute, but I'm sure you'll agree this would be immensely helpful to readers who wish to organise their library)

If you refuse implementation, then there's nothing we can do. However, we will request and explanation.

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