Justice For Tank

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On August 9, 2019, our dog Tank was shot twice by a guy in Pullman Michigan who claims Tank was in his yard but wasn’t!!! He was an inch away from the fence at home and it was still the yard Tank stayed at! As Tank’s owners we drove to the guys house to ask him if he knew anything about it (he told the police he didn’t know anything) and to see why it happened. We was civil to them and we asked before getting out of the vehicle if it was okay that we was there. The female there instantly caught an attitude with us but the guy said “what do you want”. We then asked who shot our dog and why. He admitted to us that he did it and all because Tank was on his property when in reality he wasn’t. I then proceeded to tell them it was really disrespectful to shoot someone’s innocent dog. They then proceeded to cuss us out and threaten to call the cops and waved a gun at us. This is honestly ridiculous to us. PLEASE help us give Tank the justice he needs. And to make sure these people never harm another animal again!!!