Petitioning All Visual Effects Academy Awards Nominees

Make a stand for our industry on the Academy Awards stage this weekend.


The VFX industry in turmoil whilst blockbuster movies are making a fortune. VFX companies and artists create incredible images that fills movie theaters, yet they are forced to constantly reduce their costs while delivering higher quality projects in shorter amounts of time, and have to chase subsidies in other countries.As VFX vendors are going bankrupt or struggle to stay afloat, their artists's work conditions are decaying.

You are our leads, directors, and bosses. You know about the problem at least as much as we do. And you have the power to make your voice heard worldwide in the next few days.

This is why we urge you to make a stand for our industry and for all of us at the Academy Awards ceremony this weekend. Please don't let this downward spiral go any further by publicly ignoring it.

We're counting on you.

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  • All Visual Effects Academy Awards Nominees

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