All U​.​S. Students K-12 Should be Required to Learn a Second Language in School

All U​.​S. Students K-12 Should be Required to Learn a Second Language in School

March 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sophia Angle

All U.S. Students K-12 Should be Required to Learn a Second Language in School

You're in America, speak English! This is a common phrase spoken by Americans, and that warped mentality has caused the US to be left behind by other countries with these ignorant states of mind! These countries show all of the countries ahead of the US bilingually! And This shows that 55 countries are ahead of the US bilingually and we are one of the highest leading countries. Ladies and Gentlemen I am Sophia Angle and this is why I demand that the US should make it  mandatory for students K-12 to take a second language in school. This will result in better educational performance, an enhancement in communication skills, and most importantly the demand for bilinguals in the workforce is higher than ever before. 


 Being bilingual can really increases your educational productivity. A recent study has shown that bilingual students usually have stronger working memories and attention spans. These skills alone can lead to both academic and behavioral gains as well as a stronger learning environment in a classroom. Do you see here in this classroom, this shows a classroom of children after having been taught a second language instead of having their heads down on their desks not interested. 


One main result of learning a second language is gaining a more eloquent way of speaking which is one thing everybody needs. Here this shows that 65 to 70 percent of the world is bilingual and studies have shown that you are more likely to be more of a fluent speaker if you are bilingual, so this 65 to 70 percent of people have a more poignant way of speaking. 


The demand for bilinguals right now in the workforce is off the charts. Recently reports have shown that even as early in the hiring process as when you submit your resume, being bilingual makes an impression. As stated in a recent study being bilingual will make your resume stand out and can boost you to the top of the interview list with potential employers.


Now I leave you with this, sign my petition, or go to your local school that you know that doesn't provide a second language for their students, and you will see a major difference in Americans today. From shy speakers to eloquent, fluent speakers of our country before the United States falls to far behind.

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Signatures: 30Next Goal: 50
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