Close the entire UCI campus in Irvine to stop the Wuhan Coronavirus!!!

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Five Demands to the school boards

Ensure all students have access to medical supplies.
Students’ attendance to classes must be optional.
A committee must be formed to raise awareness and monitor the disease.
Offer mental health support to the students in need.
Students' names and contact information must be recorded when attending large events. 
As the coronavirus spreads to Irvine, my fellow schoolmates and I are experiencing tremendous fear and concern over going to crowded places such as lecture halls, and campuses. We wanted to take precaution measures, but all masks are currently sold out in the Irvine area. We all have schoolwork to do, social events to participate and seminars to attend. But we do not feel safe going to school and public places, especially with a confirmed case here in Orange County.
Many students with flu-like symptoms refuse to stay at home for fear of missing lectures, but they are running the risk of bringing the virus to campus. We truly hope that the school can take appropriate measures and close all campuses to prevent further spread of the virus.
Now orange county does not know how many contact carriers or patients in the incubation period, for the sake of the safety of the entire UCI, to stop the current course, students in a fixed area is the most reasonable and the most safe way.
We must carry it out now, without delay!