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Stop Carrying Purina Beneful

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America is based on the premise: Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Thousands of pet owners, myself included, allege that Beneful Dog Food (Kibble) could have made their dogs extremely ill or killed them. Purina callously denies these allegations, stating that the ingredients in their food are all healthy.

It's my belief, and the undersigned, that until a court of law can prove that this dog food, that includes the ingredient food:  propylene glycol, which is an animal toxin used in automobile antifreeze, and mycotoxins (a group of toxins produced by fungus that occurs in grains) is safe - the product needs to be pulled from all shelves. 

Purina is callously dismissing the claims of grieving pet owners, who all share the common thread of feeding their dog Beneful, resulting in the dog's demise.

They are insulting the intelligence and integrity of people who use the internet and share information on social media to realize that the illnesses in our animals are seemingly more than coincidental.

We thank Purina and Waggin’ Train LLC for creating a $6.5 million fund to compensate pet owners who claimed their pets were sickened after eating China-made jerky treats. This was settled.

A lot of us are old school and on budgets. I know my husband and I can't always afford 'organic' and the best of the best quality of food for ourselves, yet we check out healthy. We've had pets before who have lived LONG lives on what we deemed as excellent quality pet food, without breaking the bank. It said we were giving our pets healthy food right on the front of the package.  

Now we all know better. Pet Food has to be top of the line and researched online by credible websites. Or we need to cook for our pets ourselves (again with research).

I wonder - if a class-action lawsuit can be made against Purina, can a class-action lawsuit also be brought against the companies that sell this suspect food?

I am starting this petition, because I don't want anyone to experience the horror and devastation one feels at feeding a dog, what is labelled as healthy by a respected corporation - only to see the dog have a torturous ending. I realized when Mr. Rex was dying, that I would easily spend $20,000 to save his life. Instead, it cost over $2,000.00 and he is gone.

On behalf of Rex and all four-legged beloved family members, I beg the corporations to read the below comments of the signers and take the product off the shelf. Purina is ignoring our passionate voices (that also include our timelines and facts).

Mom says: If you see something bad happening, use your mouth and talk. Don't destroy things. If they don't listen, talk louder. If they STILL don't listen, get more of you to talk. (Keep Marise Home With Family is on Facebook)

Pull Beneful Dog Food until a court of law deems it safe and don't ignore thousands of your loyal customers' voices.

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