Boise State Univ. - Pass / Fail Grading Option (per Class)


Boise State Univ. - Pass / Fail Grading Option (per Class)

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Attention all Boise State University students,

In light of the coronavirus pandemic this spring 2020 semester petition is being created to forward to faculty, staff, and administration of Boise State University personnel, so that all students will be given the option to (individually per course) change from letter grade courses to pass/fail or otherwise known as satisfactory/unsatisfactory options.  To reiterate, this would be optional and on a per course basis.  Also, if a student were to choose this option, than the individual course would not increase or decrease one’s GPA.

Students are experiencing financial difficulty, emotional stress, technology constraints, and other barriers that prevent education quality that could normally be achieved by having on campus resources readily available, that are no longer available or very limited in scope.

Consider for a moment, that students were asked to spontaneously move out and go home if it all possible. Also with the unemployment rate at the highest it’s ever been in the history of the United States of America, it’s quite possible that students are put in positions to be able to support their families. The stress of achieving a certain letter grade is not warranted, given the current global pandemic.

Previously, if a student needed a tutor or the ability to collaborate in a tutor lab that was readily achievable, now it is very limited. If a student wanted to go to the library, they could do so, but not now.  Many instructors do not have access to the tools they need, such as the ability to get the equipment to show how a physics lab would be setup and done. Other instructors have no experience in online education. Also, all of the testing labs are closed and no information has been given. 

So, since the University of Idaho and all universities in Texas and Florida and multiple other Ivy League and private schools and community colleges have realized this importance and thus switched to pass/fail grading ...

Please sign this petition for Boise State University to recognize the necessity that this Spring 2020 semester be fair to everyone in light of this coronavirus pandemic and give students the option (not mandatory) on a per course basis for Pass / Fail grading.


Boise State Univ. student petition creators,

Gabe Morlan and Don Caplon

Twitter: #PassFailBoiseState

Please share (however possible) this link with any other current students you know at BSU




This petition made change with 177 supporters!

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