All schools should have to go through an active shooter drill and have a plan set in place

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This year already there has been 18 school shootings, school should be place of learning, a safe place. Nothing could of prepared the families of Stoneman Douglas High School for the emotional trama they would feel. 

On Febuary, 14 2018 , an armed shooter entered the highschool through a easily accessible gate. He pulled the fire alarm and waited until the students filed out. Once the first few shots rang out panic set in. Some students ran, some hid. None knowing exactly what to do.

Currently, we do not have a mandatory, all around, law set in place. Each school night have more protection then the next. This is to make every school as safe as the other , to make sure each one has a plan for every single classroom. Even if teachers know what to do , they aren’t communicating with the students, many of my peers are still worried about what to do in a scary situation such as a school shooting. Many of them make up there own plans on what to do , but it’s all random.

This petition will help make schools a more comfortable space , making it a country wide policy for students and teachers to go though the motions of what to do in case a horrible act like this happens. Making sure everyone in each school knows exactly what to do. 

As a highschool student I want to feel safe at school and be prepared for the worse, while not having to worry about what to do. I know no parent wants to get a text from their child in the middle of the day telling them they might not make it home. Every child should feel safe at school, and every parent should feel safe sending their children to school.

By forcing all schools around the country to have active shooter drills every month and to have a specific plan in place for each classroom with open communication to students about what to do , we as a nation will be much more prepared if these kinds of despicable acts happen again. 

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