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Petitioning Arizona State House and 3 others

Request Federal Resources to examine and bring charges against these daycare owners.

Two-year old dies from injuries and lack of medical examiner resources lets them off the hook.


Charges have been dropped against a couple who ran an in-house daycare business where a 2-year-old girl died almost a year ago.

Ryan Reed, 27, and 28-year-old Allison Clements were facing felony child-abuse charges after admitting to hurting Savannah Cross, several times.

But the case ran up against a legal deadline because there weren't enough resources in the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office, and the Maricopa County Superior Court dropped the charges.

Lab results aren't finished and the final report isn't done so, the charges were dropped and the couple were ordered released from jail.

But, since the court dropped the charges without prejudice, the charges can be re-filed.

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Maricopa County Superior Court Maricopa County Superior Court
This is a petition directed towards the Maricopa County Superior Court, Arizona Governor Janice Brewer, and District Attorney Bill Montgomery.

1: The initial goal of this petition is to have charges laid for the second time against Ryan Reed, and Allison Clements of Phoenix Arizona who in December 2012 assaulted 2 year old Savannah Cross and caused fatal injuries to the child.

Beyond just causing her injuries, Ryan and Allison left Savannah on the ground groaning in pain. They discovered her not breathing the next morning and only then called for emergency services.

The two were initially arrested and charged with felony child abuse, however, late September 2013, the two were released due to the Medical Examiners office being unable to complete the necessary reports on time.

Ryan Reed admitted to the assault and other assaults, and Allison Clements admitted to watching and doing nothing about the situation, even as Savannah lay on the ground curled up in a ball.

We are urging the Governor Janice Brewer, DA Bill Montgomery, and the Maricopa County Judicial System to re charge these two individuals and the divert the necessary resources for all legal reports and investigating to be completed in a reasonable and timely manner.

2: We also request that an independent investigation be launched into the Maricopa County Medical Examiners office into their handling of this particular case to determine the cause of the failure in completing the necessary reports on time.

If this is an ongoing problem with this organization, or if this was the fault of a small number of poorly trained or apathetic individuals, then a solution needs to be found. Tragedies like this shouldn't happen in the first place. Failures of the organizations in place that are supposed to help deal with the aftermath of such tragedies is equally unacceptable.

3: The final request of this petition is for an investigation into the motive behind Savannahs mother leaving her daughter unattended for what has been reported to be days or weeks at a time.

To Janice Brewer, Bill Montgomery, and those with the Maricopa County Superior Court we ask you please, re-open this investigation, lay the charges and get the resources necessary to bring justice to this poor little girl whose life was pointlessly and maliciously ended.