All police officers need training on how to talk to sexual assault victims!

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The reason I am creating this is because I have been mistreated by police officers by there words. I believe that not just local police or RCMP need be trained, but any first responder must be specifically trained on how to talk to a sexual assault victim. Because I have seen too many cases of victims being traumatized by the police’s words, who I care about have been blamed for their trauma and have been let down by local police. The reason I believe this needs to change is because survivors get more traumatized, as well they feel unheard /isolated. Which can cause more damage to their psychological state and may lead to attempted suicide. Survivors who have been traumatized DO NOT  have to hear the police defending the perpetrators or making excuses for their’s UNACCEPTABLE. Police officers are supposed to protect us, not degrade us.Officers need to have the proper  training on how to talk to a victim of sexual assault and that needs to change now! The first step towards change is that officers need to work on their part in order for us survivors to feel safe in order for us to come forward to file a report.