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Prevent the drug overdose of hospital shopper, Steven John Assanti

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  Since at least 2012, a YouTuber by the name of Steven John Assanti (known then as FatBoyGetDown) has appeared in videos, making a name for himself by using his obese body to dance, explain his family troubles, and pull various stunts that many viewers have considered odd at best and racist and unpleasant at worst.

  Over the years, he's managed to appear on news stations, Dr. Phil's 'House of Hate', and as of recently, TLC's My 600 Lb Life, with his younger brother Justin, and their father, Steven John Assanti Senior.

  All three of these sources have indicated that he has an addiction to food, but he also has an addiction to pain relieving medications. So much so that his episodes of My 600 Lb. Life, mostly consisted of him making repetitive phone calls to harass his family.

  The calls were also used for ambulances to deliver him to the Emergency Room. Since at least 2015 (and likely farther back then that), he has used the pain in his legs, currently suffering from Lymphadema, to receive free rides to the nearest hospital to fulfill his drug addiction and feel numb for a little while. 

  It is never long before he calls another ambulance to get more. According to Part 1 of his episode of My 600 Lb. Life, his obesity doctor, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan eventually dismissed him from the weight loss program, so that he may send him to a drug rehabilitation center in Downtown Houston. There, he admitted that the primary purpose of his drug use was to relieve him from his pain and help him get away from reality for awhile. However, because of his repetitive trips to the ER, Dr. Nowzaradan eventually gave him a notice from the State of Texas that anymore abuse on his part would result in a jail sentence. Details can be seen in the immediate video below:

  Though his update episode from TLC has yet to be released, what we do know now is that Dr. Nowzaradan has since sent him a letter of dismissal, likely due to his repetitively abusive behavior and drug abuse. He references this situation in this video:

  As of late, he has been posting many unsettling videos on his Facebook page and will regularly post live streams of him either being insensitive, practicing behavior that suggests a possible high from his drugs, and in the case of one, even admitting to hospital hopping, just so that he can receive drugs for a pain that he can easily end by healthy living practices and subsequent skin removal surgeries. This video captured a live stream that was posted in early December 2017, in which he admits that he's transferring apartments and that he does indeed hospital shop for his drug usage:

  Because of his repetitive abuse of pain medications, family members, friends, and personal care attendants, it would be in his best interest if any and all pharmacists in the Houston Area, and the State of Texas if need be, prohibited Steven John Assanti from acquiring any prescribed drug with the specific purpose of relieving pain. If nothing is done now, I fear that it won't be long before Mr. Assanti overdoses, and either causes permanent damage to his body, or ultimately ends his life. This is a man that needs more help than he realizes and it is imperative that boundaries are set, in order for him to mature, make better choices, and do something productive with his life. 



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