All Permanent Parents Visa to be decided within 24 months for Australian Immigration

All Permanent Parents Visa to be decided within 24 months for Australian Immigration

4 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anoop Sharma

Hi I am just one of many who migrated to Australia a decade ago and proudly calls Australia our home and I shall always be thankful to this land and its people for an opportunity to be part of this story.

As per ABS statics currently 29.1 per cent of Australia's estimated resident population was born overseas that is roughly 7.5 million migrants and nearly half (49%) of all Australians were either born overseas or had at least one parent who was born overseas. 

More than a quarter (28%) of the Australian population were first generation Australians (born overseas).

Though we have made several changes and amendments to our immigration system over the time to make Australia truly unique and full of diversity, we have so far failed to recognize our immigrant’s most important aspect of their life. 


It is them who have raised these Current Generation Aussies with their blood and sweat and make Australia who we are today. Yet they are still not considered to be a family.

It took almost over a year and arduous work by people from all walk of life since immigration decided to add Parents as immediate family member for the purpose of travel during Covid Crisis.

In contrast to some other western countries like Canada, Parents Visa application are decided within 20 to 24 months. So Why Australia has so far failed to recognize our parents as our family.

I can throw many arguments here but I only wants our governments and our leaders to finally wake up and think for once that we are incomplete without our parents, they will not live forever and surely they can’t wait another 25-30 years. 

Current Contributory Visa options are in place are actually a very clear case of unethical, unprofessional and complete discriminatory policies set by the governments to give more freedom and options to the riches, whereas low income earners left to wait 25-30 years. Now would you call it a fair system?

Many arguments like the Parents will drain tax payer’s money and burden Australian health system can be overcome easily by implementing some regulations, where a sponsor can meet minimum family wage limits and be agree to pay extra 1 or 2 % on top of their tax threshold in order to sponsor someone and Current 10-year Centerlink exclusion can also be raised to 15 years. Which in turn not only cover the cost but also help to increase jobs and money flow into our health system. 

We want actions and not promises by the elected members in our parliament. Please support our request to make this a part of your agenda in upcoming elections and remove any caps imposed on Parents Visa category.

I am doing this for all of us and not just for myself. Remember “In the end we’ll all become stories” and I want our parents to be a part of this great Australian Story. 

At last I will finish my petition with the following quote.

“I believe in optimism of the will, Pessimism of the intellect.

But my hope is the people, the society, which is ahead of the government”.

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Signatures: 10,396Next goal: 15,000
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