Candidates for Change

Candidates for Change

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Elizabeth Huettinger started this petition to Court of Master Sommeliers


Jill Zimorski, MS - Dustin Wilson, MS - Bobby Stuckey, MS - Mia Van de Water, MS - Jason Heller, MS - Chris Blanchard, MS - Alpana Singh, MS - Lindsey Geddes, MS - Jonathan Ross, MS - Alexander LaPratt, MS - Jackson Rohrbaugh, MS - Steven Geddes, MS - Pascaline Lepeltier, MS - Brett Zimmerman, MS - Ken Fredrickson, MS - Jeremy Shanker, MS - Fernando Beteta, MS - Morgan Harris, MS

As a community of candidates with the Court of Master Sommeliers, we are extremely appalled by the Court’s recent response to the findings of abuse detailed in the New York Times. 

It has and will continue to be our mission to hold ourselves to the highest standards both with regards to education and matters of social justice which have directly impacted our community.  Moral standards should be adhered to by candidates and Master Sommeliers alike. We are asking for injustices to be corrected.  We are asking for accountability and immediate action for the following failures on the part of the CMS-A Board of Directors.  


· Failure to provide a Third Party investigation to accurately process the cheating scandal of the Master Sommelier Tasting Examination in 2018.  


· Failure to express unequivocal support for the Black community at large with regard to the BLM movement and unequivocally express our support of the BIPOC community. 


· Failure to take appropriate action in the discovery of widespread sexual harassment and abuse within the organization

Each of these matters on their own have been a failure of leadership to provide a safe and welcome space for candidates (past, present and future) and our community members in the wine and hospitality industry at large. 


We cannot continue to support this organization and refuse to take part in any further courses or examinations until the following changes are made:

1. A sincere, formal and public acknowledgment and apology for the behavior of its members detailed in the NYT and for the Court’s incredibly inappropriate and inadequate response to the failures listed above.

2. An immediate resignation of both Devon Broglie as Chairman of the Board, and the entire current Board of Directors from their respective positions for their ineffective leadership.

3. Third Party investigations of all abuse of power and sexual harassment allegations both current (including but not limited to the allegations against Matt Stamp, Matt Citriglia, Drew Hendricks, Bob Bath, Greg Harrington, Eric Entrikin, and Fred Dame), and future.

4. Subsequent removal of the Master Sommelier title for Matt Stamp, Matt Citriglia, Drew Hendricks, Bob Bath, and Fred Dame after the mandatory 30 day waiting period following their suspension.

5. A tangible and detailed plan to make both the examinations and the organization more transparent - including but not limited to board elections and examination results.



Taylor Grant, Advanced Sommelier

Audrey Frick, Advanced Sommelier

Elizabeth Huettinger, Advanced Sommelier

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!