Project Paper + - Ban the Use of Plastic Straws

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This petition's goal is to ban the use of plastic straws and promote paper straws throughout Greater Vancouver districts. Recently, plastic straws have been used in almost every restaurant, cafeteria, and household.

However, people never realize how much harm plastic straws are causing to British Columbia's environment (birds and marine life in particular). These straws get littered and usually left adrift at sea, prone to be swallowed by innocent animals. Unlike biodegradable paper, plastic does not decompose, and it remains motionless in the wilderness as a trap, waiting for an animal to fall for it. Many animals are dying from swallowing these plastic straws that damages ecosystems, food chains, and much more. Plastic straws are a major contributor it garbage buildup on beaches, garbage dumps, and in bodies of water. Even though they may seem small and harmless, they can be quite damaging to animals and are incredibly difficult to remove from animal's insides, and in the wilderness. In oceans, plastic straws spread and move to other places in the world incredibly fast while adrift at sea. To eliminate the issue, in British Columbia and decrease the severity of this predicament elsewhere, these plastics shall be banned immediately.

Paper straws are a greener choice and must be implemented in as many cafeterias, households, and restaurants as possible. Other cities and regions worldwide, such as Indonesia and Hawaii have also taken action on this situation, as they understand the severity of continually overproducing and littering plastic in the form of straws. However, Canadian's plastic straws problem has not escalated to that level, and this petition's goal is to ensure this predicament never becomes too severe.

Action will begin taking place in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.