BAN abuser Stacie Laine Soape from participating in equine sport events!!

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On the evening of Tuesday, November 5th, so-called equine professional trainer Stacie Laine Soape of Soape Performance Horses, was video recorded at a church-based barrel racing event held in Tatum, TX. In the video, it is very clear that the rider (Stacie Soape) of the horse is using a shocking device under the back of her saddle pad, to REPEATEDLY electrocute the horse. She continues to do this for SEVERAL MINUTES while bystanders scream and plea with her to get off the horse. As the video clearly shows, not only is Stacie Soape blatantly abusing the horse but she is putting all other animals in the arena, as well as bystanders in AND outside the arena, in danger. Again, you can clearly see her ignoring all pleas for dismount, and even cussing back at her “audience” from time to time. 

Witnesses at the event confirm that the local  authorities were called, and Stacie was finally forced to dismount the horse by police. As far as any official “charges” go, there are no records of her being charged with anything since the incident, although there is an investigation ongoing. Stacie Soape is not new to criminal charges or even prison time, as she already has a history of serious offenses that includes conviction for her participation in a Texas cattle-theft ring with a sentence of 12 years. 


I truly hope that criminal “abuse” charges come to fruition in this case, however this will probably not stop Stacie Soape from continuing to participate in equine events in Texas and elsewhere. Allowing this woman to participate in future equine sport events, will only encourage her to continue her “work” with horses. The mission of this petition is to raise awareness among the horse community, to the abuse and torture of horses at the hand of Stacie Soape, and to prevent her from participating in future events, especially barrel racing. My hope is that by gaining as many signatures as possible on this petition, the word will travel to equine event organizers all over the USA who wish to protect the integrity of their events by BANNING Stacie Soape and Soape Performance Horses from any and all participation!! Perhaps by doing so, we can prevent another incidence such as the one occurring on November 5th, from ever happening again.