Save Cubbon Park, Elevated Corridor Beda

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Cubbon Park is the lung area of Bengaluru. The proposed North - South Elevated Corridor will destroy 120 fully grown trees in Cubbon Park. 

This could also result in the axing of over 3700 trees along the stretch of the corridor.

Bengaluru is not Garden City anymore, the said afforestation plan will take years for them to grow into trees. Trees are way more important than the elevated corridor. We need fresh air to breathe. 

If we let these trees go at this rate, Bengaluru will be uninhabitable in a few years.

Who knew Bengaluru would be this hot in early March?

Join us on Saturday, the 16th of March 2019 for the Event, let's save Bengaluru.

People are taking small steps on an individual level to save the planet everyday. Don't we all want a future? We are supposed to fight climate change, not contribute to it!