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I was recently reading about a new viper snake species found at an unknown forested area in Tanzania. I came to find out that the 2nd largest illegal trade in the world is wildlife trade; drug trade is the first for an fyi. The worst part about this is that most of the animals and species that are illegally traded are rare/ endangered species. This mainly due to forest raidings of creatures that are popular in other countries. Now the majority of rare and/or endangered species arn't just threatened by deforestation, pollution, urbinization, ect but not they are threatened by supply and demand as being pets. This is exactly why animals and rare species are going extinct; because of us, the human race. We are so greedy and demanding that we want pets that should just be left alone to their natural environments. Stand up and make your voice be heard to help all the jeopardized animals of the illegal wildlife trade. As a reminder; the wildlife trade does not just pertain to live animals. The illegal trade of ivory, fur, skins, tails, ect are also considered in this group. Many endangered animals are killed for their body parts or fur that are sold on the black market. To make further progress in fighting against the wildlife trade would be to procecute traders, search and seizure on more suspected traders, inspect all cargo, ect...

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