Mankato Motorsports Park needs our help to get approved!

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There has been a very select group of people complaining about potential noise issues. No matter where a track is built, there will be people complaining. Let's show everyone how much the Mankato community could benefit from a Motorsports Complex like this.

From EVOC (emergency vehicle operator course), Performance Driving Schools, a defensive driving course for teens, Clubhouse, and many other great activities supported here. With available trained instructors to help guide and mentor enthusiasts of all ages, this a very safe environment that encourages learning and safe driving. A place for driving enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, Motorsport Complexes like this afford driving enthusiasts a safe, supervised area to drive spiritedly, offering them an alternative from driving dangerously on the streets.

Please show your support by signing this petition to get this wonderful Motorsports Complex approved.