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Please stop giving Katie Hopkins an outlet for name calling or making ignorant discriminatory comments towards the disabled, children or any other groups of people who are less fortunate than herself.

As a mother of a 21 year old son with Aspergers syndrome, who went through years of stigma and is now studying a Physics and Maths Degree due to being diagnosed at 3 years old, and receiving all the support that was available to him; With a Grandmother who had been diagnosed with dementia years before she passed away in 2014 at the age of 93, and a Grandfather (her husband) who passed away 10 years after being diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, who fought for us all to have the right to freedom of speech in WW2, and went on to become an Engineering Manager for British Airways and never claiming anything from the state until he became ill in his 80's. I am appalled at how Katie Hopkins has chosen to abuse the right to free speech he fought for.

Im also ashamed that our Country promotes a woman who abuses children in Newspapers and on TV and is allowed to keep her celebrity status after making such harmful remarks to a 9yr child with mental health issues.

Calling children names and wishing death on people, goes way beyond the realms of what should be acceptable as free speech, by a nation of people who claim to care about their disabled and those with mental illnesses

BULLYING KILLS! ....With suicide victims caused by bullying on the rise, and being widely reported by media to raise awareness of the issue, it is contradictory to then pay someone to write or appear for them when they are part of the creation of these problem though their ignorance.

We as a nation, need to stop viewing Katie Hopkins attacks on vulnerable people as just "her controversial opinion" or "just silly words". and see it for what it is... A DANGEROUS INCITEMENT TO BULLY OTHERS!

Lets make our Parents/Grandparents proud, by no longer tolerating this level of abuse and hatred to be given the same name as the "free speech" they fought for. I know my Grandfather would not have risked his life for children to be mocked under the guise of "FREE SPEECH"!

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