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Keep "Perfect Pocket Pet" kiosks out of our malls

These small creatures are NOT pets! They are being taken out of their natural environment and exploited because they are "so cute." They are put on display to thousands of people a week, and by all accounts (first hand knowledge) are scared so badly they are even biting their handlers! This is NOT OK. Let's leave these beautiful wild creatures where they belong, in the wild, with their other squirrel/rodent buddies! Yes there are good breeders, but just like puppy mills, this is not going to turn into a good thing! The company I saw was called Pocket Pets, they need to be STOPPED!!!
The company going into the malls is called Perfect Pocket Pets. According to
As of August 29th 2011 they have 23 cases filed against them (in the last 36 months) with the Better Business Bureau.
Domains: (Private Registration) (Private Registration) (Virgil Klunder) (Private Registration) (Private Registration)

This company must be stopped NOW!!!

Some great information found on These precious creatures are illegal in many states.

In the words of my co-creater:

"Sugar gliders make fun pets, they are lively and form a very strong bond with their owner. They are hard to maintain though as they require attention, a special diet, and a large cage. Moreover they are nocturnal so its is difficult for owners to be able to play with them.

 Most glider experts will recommend strongly that glider owners get at least 2. The sugar gliders are very social animals and do a lot better when they have a companion. Sadly most owners do not properly care for their gliders and as a result they die from poor nutrition or depression. Many others end up in rescue shelters because their owners were not prepared to handle the large amount of responsibility that comes with owning a sugar glider."
These are not pets one should be peddling at a mall. These animals need a very specific environment to thrive and the adopters should be very well screened and prepared for a lifetime commitment. An animal is not something that should be bought on a whim or one should be pressured into purchasing.

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