Guarantee PPE availability for healthcare workers, both in government and private sector

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The pandemic of Covid-19 has caused thousands of lives worldwide. The health of healthcare workers are essential so that they can look after the sick. In Italy, in China healthcare workers are also affected, and their mortality rate seems higher than of the general population. Doctors dying in China, in Italy, when their expertise are badly needed. In Malaysia as of the time the petition is written, 15 healthcare workers were confirmed covid-19 positive, and 3 are in ICU. Some frontliners are working with inadequate PPE, some without capability to properly don and doff their PPE. Stricter measures MUST be done:

1. The Government MUST Guarantee that full PPEs are available for both government sector and private healthcare centres, at least for the next 3 months.

2. More stringent measures to ensure that our frontliners are capable to don and doff their PPE properly. Ensure there are proper spaces where they have and can change into work scrubs, especially in Klinik Kesihatan where they are now ONLY wearing their normal work clothing underneath the PPE, because there are no scrubs in Klinik Kesihatan, and no space to change.

3. Ensure availability of face masks in abundance in hospitals, for the use of healthcare workers and patients.