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Stop falsely using the term "Pit Bull" to refer to mixed breeds.

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Since the 1980's main stream media has seen the potential in getting ratings up by playing on our fear of dogs. First it was the Doberman Pincher with their tales of this breed being "known" for turning on it's owner. If you had a Doberman, it would without doubt turn on you and attack and kill you and your children. This was by far proven to be wrong, but it did wonders for their ratings. You said Doberman Attack and half the city bought the newspaper on the shelf that day for a chance to see what foolish owner was "violently attacked" by their family pet. Eventually society realized that this was all a farce, and that this breed was in fact, no more dangerous than any other, It was simply a name.
In the 90's it was the Rottweiler. Dear God... If you had a Rottweiler in the 90's you were absolutely, positively, without a doubt going to be eaten alive in your home. "They can't tell their owners apart from an intruder in the dark!" Remember that one. Main stream media played like a piano off of movies like Cujo and Mans Best Friend, inciting what became a hurricane of fear, blowing through every house in the United States. People actually believed that this one breed, and this one breed alone, for some reason lost it's ability to differentiate the ones it loved, and lived with for years, from someone that was breaking into their house. The media had very cleverly helped us temporarily forget, that DOG'S RELY ON THEIR SENSE OF SMELL!!!, not their vision in the dark.. So unless your dog had a very bad cold, had lost it's olfactory senses and quite possibly it's hearing, then yes, you stood that infinitesimally minute chance of being mauled by your family pet.
Now the 2000's have come around, and the ratings sight has been set on a new breed. The Pit Bull... This breed is being slandered, focused on with a spotlight and hung out to dry, causing literally hundreds of thousands of these dogs to be put to death every year. We now have city's and states banning this breed. In the history of breed slander this one is taking it the worst, and why...? Let's put it this way. In 2011, there was thousands of media reported dog attacks, CNN, FOX, local news, everyone was reporting on dog attacks, It was Dog Attacks, and Terrorism. 2 out of every 3 reports had the word Pit Bull in the title. And of those 90% were followed up by the words, Violently, Attacks, Mauled, Kills, etc. Of the thousands of reports released by main stream media, not one. Not One of those stories was actually backed up with DNA proof, or even a ASPCA opinion on if the breed was in fact, a Pit Bull. 98% of these reports, and stories were in fact, proven to be nothing but mixed breeds, or in fact an entirely different breed of dog. Why Pit Bull.? Because the machine had already started, they had already decided to make the words Pit Bull their next ratings card. "Ratings dropping, front page a Pit Bull story, problem solved." Not once, and this information comes directly from the ASPCA, Law Enforcement agencies, The American Medical Association and The National Canine Research Council, did anyone from main stream media contact them to find out in fact, what breed of dog had attacked the person. They simply slapped "Pit Bull" on the title. It has gotten to the point now that if you just simply google Pit Bull on page 1, there is "Man viciously mauled by Pit Bull" Is this right you ask yourself, no. It is not. This needs to stop. Main stream media is directly causing this breed to be virtually exterminated and for nothing but ratings... No one is standing up against this, not the ASPCA, not PETA, no one. We as a people have to do this. You, Me, all of us. We have to stop the media from falsely reporting, and I say we start today. I will no longer stand by and let a reporter, or an editor, or column writer attach the words Pit Bull to a story until the dog in question has in fact, been DNA tested, and it has been proven that the dog is in fact, 90% or more Pit Bull. If this is not done, then they MUST be forced to report the dog for what it truly is, a mixed breed. Please, I ask you. I beg you, stand by me on this. Let Associated Press know that we will no longer stand by and watch them be responsible for the extermination of a breed, or any living creature for that matter, so that they can bolster their ratings. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, or freedom of press.  This is simply forcing the media to do what it was designed to do, report accurately.  Please. Sign this petition. Share it with the world, and together we can make a change. I thank you deeply for taking the time to read this. -Donny Morrison-

Euthanasia statistics
Breed profiling and difficulty to properly spot a Pitbull
What happens because everyone thinks all dogs are now vicious "Pitbulls".
ASPCA evidence of Pitbulls being misreported by media,  The American Temperament Test Society continually ranks Pit Bulls better in temperament than many other breeds. The Airedale Terrier, Basenji, Beagle, Bichon Frise, Border Collie, Chihuahua, Collie, Dachshund(4 of 6 varieties), English Setter, Lhasa Opso, Pomeranian, Shar-Pei, Shiba Inu, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, and Toy Poodle all score below average and many more far below than that of the Pit Bull. Even though these other breeds temperament score is less than average many people would not even think twice in their ownership as a family pet. In a report from Dekalb County Georgia, the conclusion was reached that statistics could no be used to document the dangerousness of any one breed, or the comparison of one breed to another. The 5-year study of fatal attacks from 1975-1980 lists the German Shepherds first and "mixed breeds" second with the American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) listed 6th.   Further edit...  More evidence and material for you to read to back up everything that is being stated here.  Thank you to Karen Batchelor for this enlightening material! The media in fact DO discriminate against Pit Bulls, wrongly label mixed breeds and other breeds Pit Bulls and won't report incidents involving other breeds. Your ASPCA says so publicly too:

As for dog catchers being best able to identify breeds by looking at them, what twaddle. They are just as bad at it as anyone else as these studies have shown:

These studies and many others like them are the reason there is such widespread condemnation of breed specific legislation and consequently why so many cities and even countries are repealing BSL and replacing it with behaviour based ordinances.  See how good you think you are at picking the right dog to kill in your local shelter:

Here in New Zealand we have successfully challenged media accusations on three occasions in the last few years where it was proven that the offending dogs involved in serious incidents were labeled Pit Bulls but in fact had not a drop of Pit Bull blood in their veins.   Please feel free to email any of the reporters from CNN to ABC about this.  Below is a list of hundreds and hundreds of email adresses to any anchorperson or newscaster you can think of, execs included!;wap2   Please visit my Facebook page for constant updates on Media misrepresenting "Pitbulls" in their stories, and the email listings for every reporter that does.

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