Justice For Vikas Sachdeva

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Vikas Sachdeva , victim of false allegations by Zaira's Wasim

In the name of Women empowerment
Vikas has been jailed

Vikas Sachdeva was returning home after cremating his maternal uncle. He was upset, saddened & tired. As soon as flight took off, he asked for a blanket, requested not to disturb & slept. While sleeping, he kept his feet on the gap between window & seat in front of him. On that seat was sitting Zaira Wasim. She was travelling along with her mother.
Vikas Sachdeva's co-passenger has told Mumbai Police that Vikas had slept as soon as flight took off and that his foot touched Zaira Wasim for which he apologized after she objected. The matter was settled then & there.

But 2 hours after landing, Zaira Wasim posts and emotional video, claiming to have been molested by Vikas Sachdeva.
Do note that she or her mother did not complain to the flight crew and she took complete 2 hours to make this video.

This is nothing but attention seeking but at the cost of an innocent's life.

Who will compensate him for the damage caused by her?
Will Police arrest her if the charges are proven to be fake??

Do men have no rights in this nation?


And Govt. is not bothered because he is not the #VIKAS they talk about

In this case, it took a minute to jail him even when his co-passesnegers are supporting him. 

This is shameful .

And just to remind you all
Zaira's mother is Anti-Indian taking benefit of Indian Law