Boycott Shiny Bollywood

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Purpose of this Petition- To Boycott these Bollywood movies which include the big banners and star kids who are too shallow to give people a chance. Lets give a chance only to the new directors actors talents etc. Who do not have these godfathers. 

We are very well aware of the gem we recently lost, Sushant Singh Rajput. He was undergoing depression for quite a long time. Many stories have started coming out now, linking his depression and the bullies sitting in Bollywood industry. It has come to our knowledge now that Sushant was bullied, was warned  , was likely banned by many big bollwood banners. Some known actors used their image and dominance to keep Sushant away from the success he might have achieved. We all know these big names. He was made fun of in Award shows , on interview shows etc. These people did this just because of their ego problems.

In an Interview he said, how he had only 2 friends from this Industry. Because when the people from this bollywood gang met him, they behave like they liked him bit then afterwards never ever received his calls. 

The big lie that they tried to sell us "Bollywood is a family" is now quite clear.I thought they had each others backs. But obviously i was wrong.

They keep pulling the new talents down just so the star kids and the old fames are not covered by anyone. I feel that this was a forced Suicide,basically a murder

Please Lets just Boycott this Bollywood gang.

They are simply entertainer, who are supposed to entertain us. They technically work for our entertainment. They are Technically paid by us. They are no one to decide who we want to watch or what we want to watch. 

If Indians gave so much love to Sushant, then bollywood is supposed to give us Sushant and not there choice of people. 

Please lets just Boycott this bollywood. 


We are the ones who made them Bhai or King or whatever. 

I seriously lost my respect to this part of Bollywood. Please support this petitionand follow it and share it. We are not that desperate as to watch their films only. There r some new talents. Lets just give them a chance now. A chance only to them. 

If you feel that i am right then please do support and spread this. 

#BoycottBollywood #BoycottBigBanners

I dont intend to hurt anyone's feelings. If any of the above things is false.... Please do ignore this petition.There are obviously no official proofs yet and we might not wven get any.... But by conecting some dots... We feel that this might be it. Annd this is not the first time an actor has committed suicide bcz of nepotism or the dominance of Bollywood elites..... None of them have been proved. 

Again,  I don't Intend to hurt anyone 's feelings.. 

Par Abb Raja ka Beta hi Raja nahi Banega.