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April 14, 2013, 5 PM- 8 PM Eastern US time; at the beginning
of the 65th anniversary of the independence of Israel
and the end of the Palestine Mandate:
To the Governments, Foreign Ministries, and distinguished
Ambassadors and good people of the United States of America,   
all other nations; the United Nations and its good offices, all
other peacemaking entities and last but not least Israel and
the distinguished Ambassadors of the League of Arab States:  
From Scott Davis and the Committee of 37 Peace Initiative,

This is the plan; the "rough draft" if you will, for the
pronounced "Peace".
The following considerations are hereby forwarded to Your
Excellencies today, or resubmitted as before, for careful
consideration and favorable action by Your Excellencies. 
Consideration #1 (C-1)
Henceforth, as a consideration in the future peace process, we
ask that Your Excellencies not impose any conditions upon the
"two-State Solution" peace process which might substantially
interfere with, prevent or preclude the implementation of PISC,
which is a blueprint for a diverse yet mutually co-operative
five-State union within one Palestinian confederation, with its
capital city confederatively, and of Palestine itself, and of Israel
to be Jerusalem - and we offer to Your Excellencies here a
solution to make this a geometrical and geographical reality.
Consideration #2 (C-2)
The State of Israel shall be the largest State within the PISC
confederation, and shall be the entire State of Israel with the
pre-1967 boundaries, except for plebiscited portions to be
included by mathematical formulae into the State of Jerusalem
and by negotiative principles into the State of Al Quneytirah or
Golan Heights. (Other names are possible for this state, 
such as Al Jawlan, Murtafaeat Aljalil, Suria Alkaladia,
or Chaldea). 
For obvious geographic reasons, the center of the
Palestine-Israel State Confederation will be
the State of Israel; because in order to travel by land from 
one State of PISC to another, it will be necessary to
travel through the State of Israel, except for travelers 
proceeding from Jerusalem to the Palestinian West Bank 
state by the most direct route.  In any case, travel will 
be as free in PISC as it is from one State to another in 
the United States of America: no border guards, no 
checkpoint fortifications, no barbed wire, no walls, 
no quarantines against any person or any group,
except by due process of law.
Consideration #3 (C-3)
The States of A) Israel, B) Jerusalem, C) Gaza, 
D) Al-Quneytirah or Golan Heights or Chaldea, and the
State of the Northern Territories of Palestine or West Bank,
will be the five States of the Palestine-Israel State
Consideration #4 (C-4)
While we understand the fact that Israel won the 1967 war,
and was not driven out of any of the Palestinian occupied lands
in 1973 or by subsequent negotiations and peace treaties or
withdrawals since that time; and while we understand the
determination of the Palestinian people to "march to Jerusalem"
and to make Palestine one united nation with Jerusalem as
its capital, and while we also understand the determination of
neighboring peoples to end Zionist control of all parts of Palestine, 
it nevertheless must be mutually understood as part of any
workable and achievable peace which will last, that the only
achievable peace to come must be non-genocidal, non-vengeful,
mutually respectful, and based on a fairly and reasonably
negotiated framework of compromise, in a way that by all sides
sacrificing the totality of what they may want, each side may
come to have the totality and essence of what each may need.
Consideration #4B (C-4B) (Published herein July 2, 2018)
There will be a right to return for individuals and for families,
even for extended families; such as in the city of Ashkelon 
where the Palestinian population was cruelly driven out; 
however Israel will govern this policy according to its own 
security needs and according to the security of every other 
State in the Confederation, constitutionally and in a reasonable 
and beneficent way; and by this means the qualifications for 
right to return will be assessed, debated, and democratically 
set and enacted into law; as well as managed in an orderly way.
Consideration #5 (C-5)
The State of Jerusalem shall be determined by plebiscite as well
as by a mathematical and geographically sensible form of
contiguity and contiguous boundaries. Somewhat equal portions
of the pre-1967 West Bank and State of Israel should be eligible
to take part in this plebiscite. Both the State of Israel and the
State of the West Bank (Northern Territories, or perhaps some
other name ultimately) shall be guaranteed a land- corridor
to the center of Jerusalem with contiguous boundaries -
the State of Israel, territory to the Wailing Wall and including
the Wall itself to a depth of at least four meters; and the State
of the West Bank, territory to Al Aqsa inclusive of the above
ground structure and essential foundation of Al Aqsa. It may
well be that the State of Jerusalem will appear on the map
to be in the shape of two non-conjoined hemispheres; and
the State of Jerusalem may be joined by two or more bridges
to carry pedestrian traffic, roadway traffic, rail traffic and
other forms of traffic from the southern half to the northern half,
with the North-South split in territory occurring roughly along
the Mount of Olives east-west gradient, as metaphorically
or prophetically described in Zechariah 14: 3- 8.
Accordingly, the State of Jerusalem shall be authorized to
construct a large reservoir and water-treatment plant to supply
both its own needs, but the needs of adjoining areas in the
West Bank State and in the State of Israel.  (Zechariah 14: 8- 9)
The rough boundary eligible to be included in the State of
Jerusalem shall include the plebiscited areas from
Dayr al Asal al Fawqa (Zechariah 14:5) east to Ruq'a and
continuously east along that line of approximate latitude,
to south of Ka'abue; thence north to the eastern edge of
Ma'ale Adumim, north to Ramun, east to Budrus, south to
Rabin Park and Beit Shemesh to Aderet, then south roughly 
consistent with the 1949 armistice lin to Dayr al'Asal
al Fawja. (Zechariah 14:10-11). Remember, neither Israel nor
the Palestinian Authority will be "losing" or "surrendering"
this land, they will be preserving it for the use and benefit
of all of the people in the Confederation, without fear of any
future outbreak of war by this method of reconciliation.
If this recommended action for territorial sharing and
confederation is not adopted, ultimately no one will be
able to claim this city in a meaningful and constructive way.
The only thing Israel or the Palestinian Authority will be
"losing" or "surrendering" in PISC is the opportunity to
go to war over Jerusalem; which is not really any type of
great loss except theoretically, in the minds of fanatics -
especially when the more substantial matter of the right
of an entire city filled with people to remain at peace
permanently, is balanced and measured against
anything else.
Consideration #6 (C-6)
Until otherwise stipulated in the Constitution of the Palestine-
Israel State Confederation by future amendment(s), the State
of Israel shall be responsible for the national defense, border
patrol, national airline safety and customs of the entirety of
the PISC, including issuance of passports, visas, citizenship
and clearances. The State of Israel shall also be responsible for
and authorized to handle immigration, postage, inspections
and minting of coinage and currency for the entire Confederation
until such time as the Senate of the Confederation legislates
otherwise. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shall accordingly
not conduct military attacks upon or reprisals against
Palestinians or Palestinian lands or locales: including towns,
olive groves, Bedouin structures or neighborhoods within Israel
or any Palestinian lands, including refugee camps within
or outside PISC which have connections to Palestine-Israel.
Consideration #7 (C-7)
Palestinian rocketry experts, and all rocketry resources,
are to be included in the Palestine-Israel State Confederation
aeronautical and research program, and to be technically
assisted and co-ordinated with the facilities, resources and
scheduling of the IDF and its testing procedures. No more
shall rocketry be recklessly hurled against civilians in
Gaza, Israel or anywhere else within PISC.
Consideration #8 (C-8)
Until such time as shall be herein or otherwise ordained and
ratified by the PISC legislative and constitutional processes, the
model and provisional Constitutional powers of the States
within PISC, and their relationship to each other (such
as via full Faith and Credit) shall be according to the standards
set for the States of the United States in the Constitution of
the United States. The police forces of all States within
PISC shall thus handle internally all matters of crime,
including terr0r!sm. States in PISC may have the right to
request extradition of criminals conducting attacks upon
one State from the territory of another, and this extraditive
right shall extend to accomplices of such attackers.
Consideration #9 (C-9)
Legal disputes of any type between States in the
Palestine-Israel State Confederation shall be handled by
a PISC Court of Arbitrative Appeals, to be composed of
two Judges from each State in the Confederation, plus
one Judge elected by the Knesset; for a total of eleven
Judges of Arbitration between States. Until such time
as alternative procedures for selecting such Judges
shall be Constitutionally authorized, the Supreme Court
of Israel shall constitute the PISC Court of Arbitrative
Appeals, and shall appoint its judges and fill vacancies
within the Court; and shall have sole power to do so.
Consideration #10 (C-10)
Gaza shall join the PISC whenever it elects to do so,
and shall be eligible to join PISC at any timing chosen
by its leaders or by the entire electorate in a referendum
or plebiscite. Thereafter, the entire territory of Gaza shall
be off-limits to any military actions or reprisals by the IDF.
Until such time as Gaza joins the Federation according to
the terms indicated or approximated by this blueprint for
peace, Israel obviously is not in a position to guarantee
that any attack upon Israel or its interests which is
conducted from Gaza or by people in or of Gaza will
not be responded to with equal or greater forcible reprisals.
Consideration #11 (C-11)
The PISC Government will create and construct a United
Nations headquarters in Gaza, by and with the consent of
the Government of the State of Gaza, in such a manner as
can be decided and agreed upon by the PISC, by Gaza
and by the United Nations committee appointed as a
liaison for this purpose.
Consideration #12 (C-12)
The State of Al Quneytirah or Golan Heights may join the
Federation of the PISC of its own accord by plebiscite. The
inherent options include partial or full incorporation within
the State of Israel, or independence from both Israel and PISC
in whole or in part as a result of any future negotiations with
Syria; it is understood that the final status of Al Quneytirah
or Golan Heights may be modified or established by any
future agreement with Syria, which has reserved rights herein.
Consideration #13 (C-13)
Either the State of Israel or the West Bank territory of the
Palestinian Authority will be eligible to start the process of
initiating the PISC. The process of initiating the PISC may
include repudiation of the :"two-State solution" or two-State
peace negotiation framework, and a formal invitation by one
of the two States to join the other in this compact to form
the PISC and to mutually agree upon this one-State solution.
This process will, at the outset or at an early stage, include
renunciation of war by one State against the other; perhaps
on a mutually agreed upon basis.
Consideration #14 (C-14)
The Senatorial or Upper House districts of the PISC shall be
as follows:
1) Gaza
2) Southern Israel
3) Central Israel
4) Galilee and Al Quneytirah
5) Northern West Bank
6) Southern West Bank
7) Jerusalem.
These districts shall be made roughly equal in population
by adjustment of boundaries by mutual or arbitrative agreement;
these adjustments shall take place from one Senatorial
decade to the next. No Senatorial District adjustment
shall take effect until at least two years after the adjustment
has been agreed upon and ordered; and all such orders shall
originate with and end with the Senate or, in case of dispute
which cannot be resolved within the Senate, the PISC Court
of Arbitrative Appeals.

Consideration #15 (C-15)
Each PISC Senatorial District shall elect four Senators -
each of the four Senators shall be elected from different
subdivisions of each respective Senatorial District; and
each Senatorial District shall be so constituted. Each
Senator shall serve for twelve years per term; however the
Senate District Committee on Formulation shall divide the
Senators from each State into four categories in order to
assure for election of at least one new Senator per
Senatorial District, every three years. Senators shall be
eligible to run for re-election on only one condition; that
of good behavior. Senators who are censured or
condemned by the Senate for behavior which is not good
shall be eligible to finish out their terms, and shall not be
subjected to arrest or prosecution or sentencing; but shall
not be eligible to run for any public office again in the PISC.
Consideration #16 (C-16)
Each resolution or bill introduced in the PISC Senate shall
pass by majority vote; except for measures introduced to
increase spending levels or borrowing authorizations in
any budgetary matter or category. Such measures as
latter described shall require a vote of at least two-thirds
of all Senators. Amendments to the PISC Constitution
shall require a three-fourths vote of all Senators, or at
least twenty-one, regardless of any quorum in attendance;
and shall require approval by referendum of the entire
electorate by majority vote of the voters at the time of
the referenda, in all States.
Resolutions to declare war for a timeframe of more than
90 days shall require a majority vote of all Senators in
attendance. No State in the Confederation shall declare
war against itself or any part thereof, neither shall the
Confederation as an entirety declare war against itself
or any part of itself.
The PISC compact, and all agreements to that end
and all codicils thereto, shall inherently rule out the
possibility of war between any two or more parties
or States signing and ratifying it.
Consideration #17 (C-17)
The Knesset of Israel shall determine the rules and
procedures for registering, enrolling and certifying
the eligibility of voters in all States, and shall affirm and
certify the counting of all votes in all States within the PISC,
until such time as the Constitution of PISC is to be
amended to provide alternate arrangements.
Consideration #18 (C-18)
Intelligence bureaus of Israel, Gaza, the Palestinian
Authority, Jerusalem and Al Quneytirah or Golan Heights
may operate independently of the IDF; and at the same
time may be guaranteed input into IDF intelligence-gathering
activities without any condition of being subjected to IDF
claims, authority or restrictions. Accordingly, each State
in the PISC may operate its own intelligence organizations
and gather intelligence abroad; but no State in the PISC
shall gather intelligence against its own citizens or against
citizens of any other State in the Palestine-Israel
State Confederation, in any way which is bellicose, in
any way which interferes with the human rights of any
individual, or in any way which is destructive toward the
rights of any individual or demographic group in the
Each municipal district, town, township or city or locale
may gather police intelligence for the purpose of preventing
crime, and may share intelligence with IDF liaisons for
that purpose.
Consideration #19 (C-19)
At the earliest possible time, and in any case no later than
ten days after this Confederation shall go into effect
between three or more States within the PISC, all
political prisoners and political uprisers shall be released
from the custody of authorities, and free to return to
their families or to designated sanctuaries to be ordained
for that purpose, and organized toward the goal of returning
people to freedom in a way that is socially beneficial.
Consideration #20 (C-20)
Each State may determine its policies and priorities;
however no State in the PISC may exercise force or policy
in a way which discriminates in favor of or against any
particular religion, nationality or religious practice. Thus
neither Zionism, nor Shari'a Law, nor any other law based
on religious or ethnic policy, may be enforced within
the PISC. Accordingly, the "right of return" or the "right
to return" or "Aliyah" is to be guaranteed by the PISC
and by customs and immigration, according to equal
standards and equal rights for all. Immigration is henceforth
to be on a first-come, first-served basis; without respect
to prior claims on behalf of any nationality. However, in
invoking a specific right to return to property or a residence
unlawfully or unfairly taken by Government, a refugee or
IDP (internally displaced person) who can reasonably
cite such a claim, shall be entitled to replacement value
for that claim if the land so claimed has been occupied
in the interim. Any person who has been exiled from
any part of the PISC States may make such a claim,
including Jewish settlers who have been forcibly evicted
from Gaza, and including people who are neither
Jewish nor Muslim.
State Governments may conduct religious ceremonies
as established by law and custom; however no State
shall enforce any religious preference in favor of or against
any citizen, family, community or company or immigrant;
henceforth. No State government shall exile or infringe
upon the rights of any individual due to any aspect of
religion or demographic status, including that of secularity.
Consideration #21 (C-21)
All States shall guarantee the sanctuary of culture and
of human cultural treasures. All States in the PISC
shall have the power to designate certain individuals
as living cultural treasures; and the standards by which
such designations are to be made may include refugee
status. No State shall destroy any cultural artifact,
building, structure, archaeological site, writing, or
work of music or art of any type; and all municipalities
and other subdivisions of Government and their agents
are hereby bound in all States in the PISC. Any person
invoking the sanctuary of culture or the status of living
cultural treasure shall be regarded in their requests to
protect culture and living cultural treasures as having
practically the force of law, unless such a request is
made for reasons which are clearly spurious and
disingenuous, and utterly without redeeming cultural value.
Scientists, or individuals who score very highly on an
academic test of skills which includes science or
other disciplines such as history, geography, or
language, are also to be regarded and treated as
human cultural treasures, as are writers of literature
and informative books. All these types of individuals
are to be protected as human cultural treasures,
and their creations are also to be protected and
preserved from destruction and plagiarism of all types.
Consideration #22 (C-22)
Ratification of PISC in each respective State so ratifying
this compact, shall be by at least one of these
three methods: A) internationally monitored plebiscite,
B) declaration by the executive authority in any State
that PISC is ratified, pursuant to prior actions taken
by the legislative branch of Government and not refuted
by the judicial branch; or C) legislative endorsement by
majority vote in at least one legislative house.
Consideration #23 (C-23)
Within one month of any State having ratified the PISC
terms and becoming a member of the PISC, that State
shall turn its diplomatic sovereign authority and
interlocutority over to the PISC. Diplomats already
appointed to their respective posts prior to ratification
of the PISC by their State, shall remain authorized to
continue at their posts for good behavior; however all
replacement diplomatic appointments shall be by
PISC Senate confirmation of majority vote. Such
diplomats may be nominated by any PISC Senator.
Consideration #24 (C-24)
The currency, coinage and postage of the Palestine-Israel
State Confederation shall be authorized and created
by the State of Israel, provisionally and until alternative
arrangements are made by the PISC Government by
legislation and Constitutional amendment.
The PISC currency and coinage shall be lettered in
Arabic on one side and in Hebrew on the other.
In the case of postage stamps, the customer who
buys the stamps shall have freedom of selection,
so there is no need to bilingualize postage stamps.
The Hebrew side of currency and coinage
shall be designed by the Knesset
committee appointed for that purpose; and the Arabic
side shall be designed by the PISC Senate Committee
appointed and empowered to do so.
Consideration #25 (C-25)
Both the Mogen David and the Palestinian flag of
red, white, green and black shall equally suffice as
flags of the Confederation; and the decision may
be made to fly either or both flags at equal height,
the decision to be made on an individual basis.
The Confederation may at some future point in time
adopt an entirely new flag for the entire Confederation
which is neither the Israeli or Palestinian flag, but
may combine elements of both. 
Alternately, the official flag of PISC may turn out 
to be the Israeli flag on one side, and the Palestinian 
flag on the other side, mutually inseparable in 
symbolism as the two lands are in substance.
Consideration #26 (C-26)
The PISC Senate shall, of its own volition and at its
own timing and speed and determination, create the
Lower House of the PISC Legislative Assembly to
its own Constitutional specifications, on a provisional
basis, until the terms and definitions and empowerments
and method of election of members, and number of
lower house legislative districts and method of creation
of such districts of the lower house are defined by
Constitutional amendment.
Consideration #27 (C-27)
The Palestinian Authority may branch out into two
separate Palestinian Authorities, one for Gaza
and one for the West Bank; and additionally one
to advocate for the rights of Palestinians in
the State of Jerusalem. Each of these Palestinian
Authorities will be independent from other
Palestinian Authorities in the PISC.
Consideration #28 (C-28)
The nationality of each citizen in the PISC shall be
determined by the citizen himself or herself, during
the first 100 years or ten Senatorial Decades of
the Confederation. The citizen may have the option
of declaring himself or herself (and minor children)
as Israelis with Israeli citizenship, or as Palestinians
with Palestinian citizenship. Passports will be issued
for both nationalities. Passports will also be issued
for PISC citizens who choose to describe their
nationality as PISC. This arrangement may be
extended to an additional century in each succeeding
century, if there is no alternative arrangement suitable
to all States by unanimous agreement among all
their governments.
Condition #29 (C-29)
Inasmuch as one general purpose of the State of Israel
is to dedicate itself to henceforth preventing genocide
against people described in any way as Jewish, the PISC
Constitution shall contain hereby and in future due course
a provision or amendment to dedicating the PISC
to prevention of genocide not only against Jews,
but against Palestinians, Christians, Muslims and
others too; on an equal basis, without undue rancor and
without prejudice. Therefore all monuments, exhibits,
books, artifacts and holy sites of the Christian,
Jewish and Muslim religions, as well as all such
sites dedicated to the prevention and solemn
memorialization of the victims of genocide, shall
be sacrosanct and protected by law.
Notwithstanding any favorable references toward
Islam, Judaism or any other religion, and notwithstanding
any protections offered to any religion in particular or
to all religions in general, the Palestine Israel
State Confederation is to be a secular political
country which shows tolerance toward all religions
and favoritism toward none. There shall be no
established religion by virtue of any Government
action, edict, ordinance, punishment or other
legal structure in the PISC.
Consideration #30 (C-30)
The PISC Senate shall in due course appoint a
committee which shall be empowered to conduct
determinations as to what structures of language
constitute inadvisable propaganda speech which shall
be officially discredited and designated for disuse
in official, educational and electronic broadcasting
media contexts. Such propaganda speech may
include verbal jabs by one demographic against
another, pledges or oaths which contain bellicose
language, and other similar language.
Such activity may include awkward usages, and may
include official advisories that Scriptural or
Quranic references which, to the unadept,
may seem aimed at condemning a certain ethnic
group; but which in reality are aimed at providing
object lessons in morality without prejudice for
or against any particular group. Such language may
also contain official advisories that Scriptural or
Quranic customs such as "stoning" a wrongdoer
may simply be a metaphor describing ostracism and
shunning; and the work of the Senate committee on
propaganda speech may also indicate that certain
customs or interpretations which reduce or injure
the rights of females may also be regarded as figurative
and optional and may not be enforced by law or
by family or community edict,
according to the Constitution
of the Palestine-Israel State
Consideration #30-B (C-30B), July 2, 2018:
No move from greater democracy and greater 
civil liberties toward lesser democracy and 
decline of civil liberties shall be constitutionally 
permissible within the Confederation or in any 
of its five States.  
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