All Governments, Declare a Climate Emergency NOW!

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It is way past time for the world to wake up to the deadly seriousness of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and consequent inevitable catastrophic climate change.   Every citizen, and all life on Earth faces an existential threat to survival.  If governments don't take action in the next year or two, life on Earth will change so dramatically that humans will disappear.   But governments will take no action unless they face a threat of being booted out of office, and only people power can achieve that.   At the moment governments are trapped in the thrall of big money donations from the fossil energy industry, and the banks and investment house that keep funding them.

The end of fossil energy may be on the horizon, but governments keep telling us that fossil energy will be a large part of the world's energy mix well into the latter part of this century, totally oblivious to the scientific evidence that by then there may well be nobody on Earth to use that energy!

We must mobilise society on a scale like we never have before.  If a few billion of us can join together and yell for change at the top of our voices, governments just might take action.    If they don't we boot them out of office.

As a start, let's build a worldwide petition demanding that all governments at all levels declare a climate emergency.  It is beginning here in Australia and elsewhere, but only a tiny few so far.  See for more details on the Climate Emergency.

Please, please sign my petition and pass it on to as many as you can.  We CAN build a mass movement demanding unprecedented action (war like) on Climate Restoration for the sake of our grandchildren and theirs, and theirs........