#ReclaimYourSpace by fighting hate and supporting Palestinian freedom.

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As Renad and Talia, Palestinian and Jewish millennials, we seek a world free of hate, built on the values of freedom, justice, equality and rights for all. Together we want to reclaim our space from those who are trying to silence us, so we can stand for justice and accountability.

Renad: I’m a Palestinian millennial yearning for my freedom and rights. Yet when I stand up for these basic values, I am attacked and called an anti-Semite.

There should be no tolerance for hate speech or bigotry, whether it is anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim or any other form of discrimination. We must stand against all forms of hate and those who use it to incite fear, racism, supremacy and violence.

We must also call out those who instrumentalize hate speech to deny my reality of living under Israeli oppression, annexation and dispossession.

This reality penetrates every part of my life, from being rationed water and seeing my land taken by illegal Israeli settlements to having to cross military checkpoints on a daily basis and not being able to leave Palestine without Israeli permission.

I am silenced and delegitimized for telling the world I want to be free and live in dignity with equal rights. At home, the space around us is shrinking every day and it is suffocating us.

Now they are also shutting down our space around the world to stand up for our freedom and rights.

From smear campaigns that fuel fear and hate to political and legal initiatives that restrict freedom of speech and the right to hold those committing injustice accountable.

Governments around the world haven’t done enough to protect this space.

It is time to reclaim our space, stand up for our shared values and rights, and challenge those who spread hate and weaponize it.

Talia: I am a Jewish millennial who has been called a traitor and self-hating Jew for standing up for the values of freedom, equality, justice and rights for all.

Palestinian freedom and human rights are important to me because I care about the human dignity of all people. It is appalling to me that in the name of Jewish safety and Jewish security, the state of Israel treats Palestinians as a lesser people, with fewer rights and little freedom. My Jewish values and community inspire me to fight for true safety through solidarity.

I am tired of my identity and my history being used against the humanity of Palestinians.

I will not be silenced as I continue to lift my voice for justice, equality and dignity for all.

As Renad and Talia we ask you to sign this pledge and let the world know:

We won’t be silenced. We will uphold our freedom of speech and our right to hold those committing injustice accountable.

Join us in building a future based on these universal values and one that stamps out all forms of hate and discrimination.

I pledge to:

Stand up for the values of freedom, justice, equality and human rights for all people

Stand against Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all forms of hate, discrimination and racism

Support Palestinian freedom and rights and challenge the systems that oppress them

Uphold the democratic right to freely criticize those committing injustice and hold them accountable no matter who they are

Our collective voice is powerful and should be heard. That is why every signature matters.

Together, we can and must reclaim our space. All our governments and political representatives should hear us. They have a responsibility to protect this space and promote these values and rights.

That is why we call on them to endorse this pledge; and oppose all legal or political measures that instrumentalize hate speech to infringe on these values and rights.