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Please Help Me Keep My Two Potbelly Pigs In Our Home, With The Family Who Rescued Them.

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I Rescued A Male Potbelly Pig 3 Years Ago From A Severe Case Of Abuse, I Named Him Cletus. It Took Almost A Year To Gain Cletus's Trust. I Made Cletus A PROMISE, That My Home Would Be His Forever Home. I Have Severe OCD, And I'm Terrified Of Germs. I Wouldn't Even Pet Animals. But I Believe God Put Cletus In My Life, For Us Both To Help Each Other. Then My Wife Rescued A Female Potbelly Pig, We Named Her Khloe. We Have Had Our Pigs Going On Four Years. Our Neighbors Have Called The Sheriff's Department, State Police, And Even Animal Control On Us Numerous Times, And Made False Reports To Them. All three Agency's Have Seen Our Two Pigs And Petted Them And NONE OF Them Said I Was In Violation Of ANYTHING. Now ALL The Sudden I'm In Violation After Four Years. If I Was In Violation Why Didn't The Sheriff's Department, Kentucky State Police, Or Especially The Animal Control Ever Say I Was In Violation. None Of Them Said Anything, And They ALL Have Seen Cletus Who Stays Outside In A Pen. And They Also Have Been In My Home And Saw Khloe, Who Stays In Our Home. The Zoning Board Does Not Know The Bond That My Family Has With These Two Potbelly Pigs. If They Make Us Get Rid Of Our Pet Potbelly Pigs, Our Family Will Be Torn Apart. The Zoning Board Has My Potbelly Pigs Classified As livestock, When They Are Domesticated Pets. The Same As A Dog Or Cat. My Neighbor's Are Using Their Hatred That They Have Towards Us, To Break Our Loving Happy Family Up. Please I Ask Every Pig Owner/Animal Owner To Help Me Take A Stand Against The Zoning Board, And Make Them See That Potbelly Pigs Are Beautiful, Loving, Caring Animals That Get Attached To Their Owners. And After Being Abused, Then Rescued To A Loving Home. To Be Taken Away After Four Years, With EVERYONE Knowing You Had Them, Would Be Devastating To Our Family, And The Animal. I Made A PROMISE To Cletus And Khloe, This Would Be Their FOREVER HOME, Please Help Me, Not Break This Promise. Thank You

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