Stop the removal of Manga and Light Novels from Amazon

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We have been seeing over the past few weeks that Amazon has been wrongfully removing many Manga and Light Novel series from their US store.  Most people assumed it was a glitch on the site that was removing these series, by mistaking them as duplicates (Series that have both a manga and novel may be mistaken as the same).  But Publishers have tried contacting them, expecting an explanation.  J Novel Club in particular got a response, or lack there of, saying that they do not need to disclose what rule these series broke. 

That explanation not only tells us nothing, but also raises the question of how it took this long for these series to be removed if they somehow break the standards of Amazon.  As a big Manga and Light Novel fan, I would use Amazon often for my purchases, but if they plan on removing series that many of us fans enjoy, without even giving us details on why, then I think we should take our business elsewhere.  

This petition is more to show Amazon how many people are upset with these random changes, and how many of us customers will be taking our business elsewhere.  If it somehow results in Amazon giving us a response, then this petition was worth it.  If you are a fan of Anime, Manga, or Light Novels, you should show your support and force Amazon to acknowledge us.