All evidence presented/looking for representation in wrongful conviction case.DNA included

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All evidence presented/looking for representation in wrongful conviction case.DNA included

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My father,David Shelton has been in prison for 23.5 years and COUNTING for crimes that he did not commit,he was sentenced 40-60 years for breaking and entering two counts and criminal sexual conduct 3 counts.

But DNA evidence found in one lady's home and found in the mask that BOTH ladies said the criminal wore rules out ALL African-American men,neither victim could point my father out of a lineup,and the first lady even said it was a white man she thought did it,then later changed her description to a black man,but the DNA adds up with her first description of the criminal who actually did these crimes,not only this but the lab reports were never turned in,as they were stipulated between the defense attorney and prosecutor,and the Michigan State Police who did the testing were never called up to testify about the lab reports,but there's more the detective in charge only turned in 3 pages of the lab report and one of these pages were a cover sheet,while there were 10 pages of lab reports,he witheld the evidence. Not only that but there's more,the Head Deputy Cecil Dawson and Sargent Christine Bursey who were in charge of my father's case BOTH were sent to prison for selling drugs,and also were the reason that their police department was shut down due guessed it CORRUPTION! So how could you even believe these people?! The proof of them heading to prison for this is in the links below:

This is an piece from the Detroit FreePress December 23rd 1998:

His cooperation with the DEA, FBI and other law enforcement agencies eventually led to charges against more’ than 25 people, including the former deputy chief of the Royal Oak Township Police Department and one of the township’s former officers, and two Highland Park public safety officers. For federal prosecutors in Detroit, Rodriguez, who was sentenced this fall to more than 17 years in prison, was a rare find, being so well connected with major drug traders. By the time Rodriguez’s reign ended, the federal government had agreed to pay more than $150,000 to move 40 of his relatives from Colombia and California to unknown locations in the United States. Rodriguez has expressed hope his cooperation will lead to a shorter sentence.
Rodriguez certainly changed the lives of the four metro Detroit officers. Three of the four pleaded guilty to charges related to cocaine trafficking. A fourth stood trial and was convicted. Former Royal Oak Township Deputy Chief Cecil Dawson, 49, of South-field was sentenced Dec. 8 to 10 years in prison; former Highland Park officer Albert Bursey, 47, was Sentenced to the same term Dec. 17. Krwin Heard, 46, a former Highland Park officer, was sentenced in May to 15 months in federal prison. Albert Bursey’s wife, Christine Bursey, 47, a former Royal Oak Township police officer, stood trial, was convicted and was sentenced Dec. 17 to 15 years and eight months in prison. lawyers for Dawson and Christine Bursey could not be reached for comment recently. But Dawson apologized at his sentencing.


How is my father still in prison? Why can't people admit they made a mistake and right their wrong and move on instead of being so stubborn and keeping INNOCENT men in prison for no reason? The DNA rules him out,and he couldn't be picked out of a line-up that should be enough but he has other things that also show he was railroaded,what else more does he need?Please help me get my father exonerated and home,where he belongs! He's served 23.5 out of 40-60,he shouldn't have to serve another day.

The Judge during my father's trial specifically said these two statements while giving the jury instructions,showing he abused his discretion:

" Now there's been some evidence that a witness made an earlier statement,that did not agree with her testimony during trial"          Page #51 of the transcripts (closing arguments)

" You may also consider anytime that the witness failed to identify the defendant,or made an identification,or gave an description that did not agree with her identification of the defendant here in court during this trial"                                                                                                         Page #53 of the transcripts (closing arguments)

Shelton's Lawyer Ben Gonek has been reprimanded and suspended numerous times,he even once gave his client contraband! Everyone in my father's case were corrupt and it shows as some of these people went to prison and some were suspended from their practice numerous times!


Oakland County,which is the County responsible for this has a HISTORY of messing up on sex cases:

Oakland County had to pay a man 2 million dollars for making him spend 80 days in Oakland County Jail for false sex allegations:


In a Detroit News article(Link below) dated October 20th 2016 Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy was quoted saying "Exoneration is a demonstration of actual innocence, not the presentation of evidence that a judge says sufficiently undermines the case and a new trial is warranted"

My father once again has everything to be exonerated as Kym Worthy admits in the article.

No,Worthy is not the prosecutor who has to answer for my father's wrongful conviction,but what she speaks on not only goes for Wayne County,it goes for every county in the world.

Once again I please ask that you sign and help get my father out of prison,let Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper see this injustice that is going on and hope she can correct it,my father has done 23.5 LONG years for a crime he did not commit,he always tells me it feels like double the time because he's innocent.

I have also made a video proving everything I have just explained so if my words don't convince you paperwork and DNA sheets will!

12 minute video brief detail but shows ALL paperwork

40 minute video which explains everything about his case and also provides ALL paperwork

Thank you!!!


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