Asheville needs urgent help from NC Governor & media on the 12 bears with missing limbs

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We are asking NC Governor Cooper to help the many bears missing limbs in Asheville, NC, by making it among his top priorities. We ask that he read the full report he will be receiving along with all other information and direct his office to take full leadership in reviewing the information and determining how to stop what happened to the bears and assure it never happens again. To the best of our research, there is nowhere in North America where there are, or have been, this many three legged bears in such a small area. It is cruelty on a historical level taking place in the most beautiful city in the state of NC. Residents are angry, outraged, & concerned.

We are also asking the local media to provide full coverage on all the injured bears and also spread the information about the reward.  We ask the media to do so out of  love and support for bears and for the many concerned followers trying to find out what happened and to stop it forever. The beloved bears in our community deserve better than this and they desperately need your help.

This petition is dedicated to Peaches (the mother of 3 cubs that started this all when one of our members saw her missing a limb after not seeing her in four weeks), the injured/orphaned cub, and the 10+ other bears missing a limb in the Asheville area. 6 of these are mothers with cubs, which makes this even more heartbreaking. We will do all we can to help you and your terrible struggle.

Thank you all for your concern and attention to this serious matter. Please share with everyone you can and ask them to take a few moments to sign this petition.  For more information visit us on Facebook under Help Asheville Bears. 

***If you get a pop-up asking you to donate to, we at Help Asheville Bears have not solicited or taken in, nor will we ever solicit or take in, funds from anyone.