Save Khan al-Ahmar village!

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Please join us in writing to the Minister of State for the Middle East to ask for urgent action to prevent the imminent demolitions by Israel of Bedouin villages in Palestine. At this point there is urgent threat (following an Israeli Supreme Court decision) to the village of Al Khan al-Ahmar which is built on the land of Abu Dis and Aizaria on the east of Jerusalem.  The people living there have been there for decades, since they were pushed by Israel from their previous homes in the Negev. They want to stay - this is their home.

Although there is every indication that this is against international law, the Israelis are proposing at any time now to evacuate the entire village of Al Khan al-Ahmar. They want to free the land for construction of the E1 settlement and this is wrong on every level. It is ethnic cleansing and will accentuate the apartheid situation: the rights of Palestinians are being violated in order to allow further illegal building of Israeli settlements on their land

Hot on the heels of the demolition crews will come builders for a new Israeli settlement  (see Ha'aretz article here.)

This violates human rights and international law. The expulsion, demolition and land expropriation should urgently be stopped.

The UK and other international governments have a role in preventing this; they are currently supporting Israel in many ways, political and economic, and they should use their leverage now.