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Reduced sentence for Gayle Newland

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This is the official petition for Gayle Newland.

Gayle Newland was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for allegedly creating a fake persona to seduce the claimant (her partner at the time) to perform a number of sexual acts. It has been reported that paedophiles and murders have been sentenced to less time.

The truth is Gayle was nothing but loyal, caring and passionate towards her lover, who knew who she truly was. Gayle is a beautiful girl, she didn't have any reason to hide behind a false identity in order to pursue the affectionate relationship she had with the claimant. Gayle is now open about her sexuality and has been for some time. However, this was not the case during the time she and her partner were together. Both agreed to keep their sexuality and relationship secret in order to process the situation as well as their feelings towards one another, without outside judgement. Towards the end of their relationship Gayle eventually admitted to her partner that she wished to open up about herself to her parents. This sparked an argument between Gayle and the claimant and a couple days later the police had gotten involved, hence the beginning of the case. It is obvious that the claimant was terrified that the truth about her sexuality would come out and, likely out of desperation, would go to extreme lengths to deny being sexually involved with a female. The fact is that the allegations made against Gayle Newland are false. She is not a threat to the general public and does not deserve this punishment!

There has been a complete flaw in the legal system in this case. Gayle has been found guilty of crimes she did not commit and the most we can do for her now is attempt to reduce her sentence.

What has happened to Gayle Newland is more than unjust and it's our job to raise awareness and make a change! We need justice for Gayle and we need it now!

I ask each and every one of you to read, sign and pass this petition on to as many people as you can. Help make this change and reduce this disproportionate sentence!

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